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Weekend Specials ~March 7

Welcome to the first batch of Weekend Specials for the month of March.

The month has started off with some shocking news about ARC and Zero Sports being closed down. We will continue to keep our fingers crossed in hopes that these two great brands will get back on their feet. In the meantime, no orders can be placed for this two manufacturers parts.

Last weekend was the Nostalgic2Days Classic Car Show in Yokohama. For those interested in checking out some coverage brought to you by RHDJapan please checkout the link:
Flicker Slideshow

For this Weekends Specials, RHDJapan will extend an additional 6% discount off our regular sale price for a mix of 8 great brands!!

Use the new and improved pin-point search function for finer tuned searches.


Cyber Stork

Top Secret


Works Bell

Kyo-Ei / KICS

Super Now

RAY's Engineering

In addition to the weekend specials we have a 40% discount available on the following
MOMO DRIFTING Steering Wheel!


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