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DEFI Advance Series Campaign 35% Off Control Unit ~May 12

Hello from the RHDJapan team and welcome back to our blog. The Cherry Blossom season is wrapping up here in Tokyo and Spring is in full effect! We hope that everyone that is getting ready for the motorsports season has a safe, successful and exciting year!

For those looking for a new start for their meter collection RHDJapan has a great offer available for you. With the discontinuation of the original BF meters from DEFI in favor of the ADVANCE series RHDJapan is extending a special discount on the purchase of the combination of Advance BF or CR Turbo Meters and the required Control Unit!!

This campaign is only available for the 60mm 2.0bar meters,

1.2bar and 52mm will not qualify.

Part Number: DF08601 (White+200kPa)
Part Number: DF08602 (Black +200kPa)
Part Number: DF09901 (White +200kPa)
Part Number: DF09902 (Red +200kPa)
Part Number: DF09903 (Blue +200kPa)

In this campaign RHDJapan will be extending an

additional 35% off of the price of the control unit!!


Defi Link Advance BF Turbo Gauge Boost Meter

DEFI Link Advance CR - Turbo Boost Gauge

DEFI Link Advance Control Unit

Please add the Advance series turbo meter to your shopping cart along with the

Control Unit and add the following coupon code into the Payment +Discount Codes at checkout to get your total shipped price :


*Current stock is low for the Advance BF and the Advance CR series stock will be ready by the end of May. Place your order early to lock in the order for the next batch of meters that become available.

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