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DEFI BF Meter Discontinuation Last Chance ~July 15

There is still a small amount of the original BF Meters from DEFI available.

Consider this the last opportunity to a guaranteed order for the DEFI BF meters.

The DEFI BF Sale of an additional 9% will be extended to the remaining meters until July 15.

*Discount will be applied once added to shopping cart

DEFI Link Meter BF - Turbo Boost Gauge
Still Available (DF04302)

DEFI Link Meter BF - Exhaust Temperature Gauge
Still Available (DF04801, DF04802)

DEFI Link Meter BF - Fuel Pressure Gauge
Still Available (DF04505)

Intake Manifold Pressure Gauge
Still Available (DF04901, DF04902 , DF04905)

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