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Weekday Pop Specials ~Sept 6 9:00am (JST)

Hello from the RHDJapan team and blog. For those who have become accustomed to the great many campaigns that we continually make available along with the ritual Weekend Specials we are providing one more reason to continually check back on the RHDJapan blog with the Weekday Pop Special!!

This round will include all BRIDE Floormats and anything else that is purchase along with them!!

The discount structure will be a little bit different than our Weekend Specials and will provide more incentive to consolidate your orders with RHDJapan.
The discount rates for our Weekend Specials are 6% on all parts per the manufacturers listed however with the Weekday Pop Special the discount rate will be 4% applied to everything in your shopping cart!

These specials will be more random in timing and time-frame, running from one day up to three and will normally be only a couple select brands. Included will be brands that are normally not seen on the weekend specials nor on regular campaigns.

This batch will include the highly popular floormats from BRIDE and it will be going on until Sept 6, 9:00am (JST)

The brands that will be included are as follows:

BRIDE Floormats


RHDJapan Clearance Items


Car Make T&E Vertex Aerokit Campaign ~Sept30

SARD Catalyzer Campaign ~Sept 30

DIXCEL Relief Project

Save Japan Charity T-Shirt

Revolution WTAC Podium Campaign~Sept 10

SPOON Rigid Collar Campaign ~Sept 30

Mazda Festa Charity Goods Campaign Limited Availability

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