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Super Deal to close out September 2009

The following offer is open immediately from 18:48 9/21/2009 JST.

Cash Back on Shipping up to JPY10,000  (USD89, Euro72, GBP65, AUD122, NZD150, CAD113, SGD150, SEK730).

Payment must be made via paypal and we will refund the difference after the final ending day (e-checks and other payments that are not fully paid will not qualify)

Minimum Purchase of JPY50,000  required (USD561, Euro360, GBP325, AUD610, NZD750,CAD565, SGD750, 3650SEK ).

The promotion period will end at 23:59:59 9/28/2009 JST.

The terms and conditions are simple and go into effect immediately until further notified.

There is a limit of coverage available, once the timeframe has been reached or my blog is updated with  'No More Funds' the campaign has finished and orders will be processed as normal.