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Weekend Specials +1 ~Sept 18

TGIF and welcome to the RHDJapan Blog!  This batch of weekend specials will be extended an extra day as Monday the 17th will be a National Holiday and the team will all be off in observance of this holiday. The holiday that we will be celebrating is Keirou-no-hi (敬老の日) or Respect for the Aged day. Although the same holiday may not be celebrated in your area any day is a great day to give some thanks and praise to the elderly.

There are also still many FREEBIES available for any orders placed with RHDJapan! Make sure to check check and 'like' the RHDJapan FB page to get in on the extra offers from the team.

We have started the campaign for some cool Kanji T-Shirts that are available in the Origin Campaigns ongoing. For anyone taking advantage of the weekend specials with the grand total of over JPY100,000 will also qualify! First come, first serve!

Password: KI-DO-AI-RAKU

RHDJapan will be extending an additional 6% discount on some select manufacturers until 9:00a.m Tuesday, Sept 18


Auto Select

Colt Speed

Honda OEM

Spoon Sports

Works Bell

This additional discount will also be further applied to all items on Clearance!!


SARD Racing Blow Off Campaign ~Oct 15

BLITZ SE Intercooler Campaign ~Oct 15

Blitz Radiator Campaign & Wagara Items ~Oct 19

Ignition and Spark Plug Campaign ~Oct 31

TEIN Suspension Campaign ~Sept 27

Central 20 Cooling Bonnet Campaign ~Sept 28

Origin Labo Roof and Rear Wing Campaign ~Sept 28

Origin Labo Bonnet Campaign ~Sept 28

Charity Campaigns

DIXCEL Relief Project

Save Japan Charity Jacket

Save Japan Charity Jacket w/ RHDJapan Patch

Save Japan Charity T-Shirt