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Weekend Specials Silver Week Edition ~Sept 24

Hello from the RHDJapan crew and blog spot.  The 21st~23rd are National Holidays part of the Silver Week holiday. In observance of these holidays the RHDJapan team be taking some time off from the office until the 24th.

RHDJapan will celebrate the Silver Week holiday with a bunch of different Silver Nuggets. There will be one-time offers and subcategories that will have both discounts and BONUS Reward Points!! 

These will be shared through the RHDJapan Twitter and RHDJapan Facebook with #RHDSilverNugget

Additional Campaigns:

APEX Campaigns - Power Intake Filters, PFC Commander, DIN Meter

Cusco Campaign - LSD's (now with extra 250 bonus points!), suspension  & Rollcages ~End of Sept

TRUST - Intercooler, V-Layout, Turbo & Sports Suction, Turbo & Spark Plugs campaign ~End of Sept

The HPI Cooling Campaign is right for those who would like to take extra measures during this hot summer

Exedy Mini Campaign ~ End of Sept

Weekend Specials:


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