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HKS Turbo & EVC Campaign ~Aug 31

Welcome to the RHDJapan blog and thank you for checking this special campaign. This campaign is for select HKS Turbo Kits and Boost Controller Kits. To get the absolute best performance out of these turbos a boost controller is a requirement.

As part of this campaign the newest version of the legendary HKS EVC will have a 100% discount applied to it when purchased in conjunction with any of the kits listed below:

GTIII RS - S14 S15








GT800 R35

GT1000 R35




HKS Turbine Kit & Boost Controller Campaign ~March 30

Hello from the RHDJapan blogspot and greetings from the RHDJapan crew.

Here is a great campaign for those looking to go hard-tuned with the top tuning company HKS!

In this campaign, the newest HKS Boost Controller, the EVC 6 will be included with 100% discount

when purchased in conjunction with select HKS Turbine Kits!

Additional ongoing campaigns include the following:

HKS Coilover Suspension Campaign ~March 30

HKS Sports Catalyzer Campaign ~March 30

Exedy Clutch Kit Campaign ~March 30

TRUST GReddy Surge Tank RB26DETT ~Limited Qty

Apexi Air Filter Campaign ~March 30

TRUST GReddy Sirius Meter Campaign ~Limited Qty


HKS Sports Catalyzer Convertor Campaign ~March 30

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan blog. We are proud to announce the first of many great deals to come from HKS in celebration of the 45th Anniversary! This one is for most popular Nissan applications! Increase exhaust flow and power while maintaining clean exhaust gases with super discount!


Win FREE Tickets to HKS Premium Day at Fuji Speedway

Thank you for checking out the RHDJapan Blog once again and special thanks to all who contacted us for the Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 tickets! With the great support from our customers across the globe we have luckily been able to get some extra tickets to the annual HKS Premium Day in Fuji Speedway!

Although we cannot cover your airplane tickets we may have you covered for entrance to this special event! If interested please contact us with the following information:
-address of your hotel/lodging along with the name or room number in which the reservation is under.
-total number of people
-phone number or other means of quick contact while in Japan


TRUST GReddy Surge Tank Intake Plenum

Super deal just for the RB26DETT crowd!  Entering the last month of the year we will close out 2017 with a JPY7102 discount on the TRUST/GReddy Intake Plenum/Surge Tank!

A long-time favored tuning part for the RB26DETT enthusiasts and the best deal we have ever been able to provide on this item.

Stock is limited and once sold out the coupon code: 2017><7012 will disappear from the listing.


NISMO Festival 2017 Campaign ~Nov 27

Welcome to the RHDJapan Blogspot and Happy Holidays! As we close in on the last couple of months for 2017 one of the biggest days of celebration is the annual Nismo Festival at Fuji Speedway!!

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the event and it is sure to be a very special one!

In the Holiday Spirit we will be offering some FREEBIE tickets to the biggest NISMO fans traveling from across the globe to make the journey to Fuji Speedway! These will be offered exclusively through the RHDJapan Facebook Page

Two legends from Japan Mt Fuji from Fuji Speedway

For the NISMO enthusiasts not able to make it out this year we will be offering
6% discount on the whole NISMO lineup


SARD Cooling Campaign ~Aug 30

Welcome to the RHDJapan blog and cool greetings from mid-summer in Osaka. Introducing another campaign for popular tuning vehicles serious about tackling cooling.

The SARD Cooling Campaign help your vehicle maintain its cool in all driving applications.


For applications that also have Cooling Thermostat available from SARD we will be extending a

100% discount on the thermostat in addition to 300 extra Reward Points! 

All other Racing Radiators that have no thermostat available will qualify for a 7% discount with 300 extra Reward Points! 



TRUST GReddy Full Turbo Kit Campaign RB26DETT

Welcome to the RHDJapan Blog. This campaign will be providing some big incentive for those looking to go full-tuned via any of the big power Full Turbine Kits from the legends in turbo technology, TRUST GReddy!

Along with the purchase of any of 40 different spec'ed Full Turbine Kits will be a FREE service Intake Plenum Surge Tank!






NISMO Omori Factory has decided on one more manufacturing cycle of the legendary NISMO LM GT4 Wheels!

 In addition to the previously released sizes there has also been the  introduction of one more spec for the most serious enthusiast.

 The first lot of wheels will be shipped out in early September and the remaining orders will be ready by the end of the year. Put your order in early to get lock down a set for the quickest delivery. 

18 X 10.5JJ

18 X 9.5JJ

18 X 9JJ

17 X 9JJ


TRUST GReddy Actuator Type Turbine Kit Campaign ~Aug 30

With the start of the Summer season the campaigns coming out of the RHDJapan blog are starting to sizzle up with more and more hot offers!

good thing for campaigns there is no such thing as too hot!

This campaign will offer some big savings for SR, RB and 1JZ applications looking to squeeze some more power from these solid tuning engines or replace
the tired standard turbines.  In this campaign we will be able to offer up to 42% discount off of the regular TRUST MSRP pricing! This will be an additional JPY35000~JPY38500 (USD/AUD/CAD430~480) discount from our normal
sales price on these top quality actuator type turbines from TRUST!

Additional JPY36500 discount
SR20 T518 Turbine kits (11520015, 115200179)

Additional JPY35500 discount
SR20 T517 Turbine Kits (11520013, 11520016)
Additional JPY37500 discount
RB26 T517 Turbine Kits (11520074, 11520075)

Additional JPY38500 discount
1JZ-GTE T620Z Turbine Kit (11510063)

Add to cart to apply discount and see the total shipped price to your location.

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TRUST Cooling Campaign ~July 30

APP HID Lighting Campaign ~July 28

APP Brake Line & Pad Campaign ~July 31

Endless Brake Kit Campaign ~August 10

RE-Amemiya WTAC 2012 Campaign ~August 13

ARC Cooling Campaign ~August 17

HKS FREE EVC Campaign ~August 24

SARD Cooling Campaign ~August 30

HPI Cooling Campaign ~August 30

HPI Intercooler Campaign ~August 30

TRUST GReddy Suspension Campaign ~Aug 30

TEIN Suspension Campaign ~Sept 27

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DIXCEL Relief Project

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Avec le debut de la saison estivale les offres proposées par RHDJapan bouillonnent et de nombreuses autres offres sont en chemin!

L'été est vraiment très chaud !

Cette offre va offrir de grosses économies pour les possesseurs d'application SR, RB et 1JZ qui aimeraient un peu plus de puissance de la part de ces moteurs, ou pour remplacer vvotre turbine déjà bien fatiguée.

Pour cette offre, nous allons vous offrir 42% de remise sur le prix public de chez TRUST! Ceci représente une remise supplémentaire de 35.000 JPY à 38.500 JPY (380 à 420 euros) par rapport à notre prix habituel sur ces actuator type turbine de chez TRUST

Remise supplémentaire de  36.500 JPY
SR20 T518 Turbine kits (11520015, 115200179)

Remise supplémentaire de  JPY 35.500

SR20 T517 Turbine Kits (11520013, 11520016)

remise supplémentaire de  37.500 JPY
RB26 T517 Turbine Kits (11520074, 11520075)

Remise additionnelle de 38.500 JPY
1JZ-GTE T620Z Turbine Kit (11510063)

Ajoutez au Caddie pour voir la remise appliquée et le montant total frais de port inclus jusqu'à votre destination.

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Offres :

TRUST Cooling Campaign ~ 30 Juillet

APP HID Lighting Campaign ~ 28 Juillet

APP Brake Line & Pad Campaign ~ 31 Juillet

Endless Brake Kit Campaign ~ 10 Août

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HKS FREE EVC Campaign ~August 24

SARD Cooling Campaign ~ 30 Août

HPI Cooling Campaign ~ 30 Août

HPI Intercooler Campaign ~ 30 Août

TRUST GReddy Suspension Campaign ~ 30 Août

TEIN Suspension Campaign ~ 27 Septembre

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DIXCEL Relief Project

Save Japan Charity Jacket

Save Japan Charity Jacket w/ RHDJapan Patch

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