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DEFI BF Meter Stock Update

The final call for the DEFI BF series meters has been made and the discontinuation campaign has now finished.
With the final chance for the full series of BF meters all orders have been fulfilled. The available stock is selling quick and will not be available again. Consider this the last opportunity to a guaranteed order for the DEFI BF meters.

The DEFI BF Sale of an additional 7% will be extended to the remaining meters as long as they are available!

*Discount will be applied once added to shopping cart

DEFI Link Meter BF - Oil Pressure Gauge
Still Available (DF04402)

DEFI Link Meter BF - Turbo Boost Gauge
Still Available (DF04301, DF04302)

DEFI Link Meter BF - Exhaust Temperature Gauge
Still Available (DF04801, DF04802, DF04805)

DEFI Link Meter BF - Fuel Pressure Gauge
Still Available (DF04502, DF04505)

DEFI Link Meter BF - Water Temperature Gauge
Still Available (DF04702, DF04705)

DEFI BF Tachometer RPM Gauge
Still Available (DF07501)

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