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HKS Tuning Package CR-Z ~March 30

This is the first vehicle specific campaign available from RHDJapan for the CR-Z.
With more and more tuning parts becoming available for the CR-Z it has proven to be one of the most exciting sports hybrid vehicles in the tuning scene.
This campaign will be a great one for those looking to increase overall performance of your CR-Z.

With the following 3 items added to your shopping cart you will receive an immediate JPY25,000 (USD/AUD/CAD300~) discount on the total.

In addition to the discount on the 3 items, 3 additional items will also be included for FREE!

HKS Silent Hi-Power Muffler Honda CR-Z ZF1

Part num: 32016-AH026

HKS Racing Suction Reloaded Intake System Honda ZF1

Part num: 70020-AH015

HKS Hipermax III Suspension Honda CR-Z ZF1
Part num: 80140-AH006

In addition to the immediate discount the following items will also be included FREE as a service!!

HKS VAC Type-CRZ 45002-AH001
(JPY29800 HKS Japan MSRP, USD/AUD/CAD $370~)
Compatible with M/T vehicles manufactured from 2010 Feb

HKS Super Fire Spark Plugs 50003-M35i X4
(JPY8800 HKS Japan MSRP, USD/AUD/CAD $100~)

HKS Hybrid Sports Oil Filter M20 52009-AK001
(JPY2200 HKS Japan MSRP)

*The discount provided includes the consolidation discount, This campaign could end early depending on stock availability.

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