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Campaigns, Campaigns and more Campaigns!!

Greetings to all once again from RHDJapan. The Tokyo summer is still in full effect as we wrap up the end of August.
We hope that everyone has been keeping themselves and their machines cool in the summer heat. Below is a recap of the campaigns ending and the introduction of a special 8/8/8 campaign effective immediately!!

As August comes to a close the Major Summer Cooling Campaign along with a couple other campaigns will also be closing out.

Summer Cooling Campaign!!

G-Corporation Aero Parts Campaign

Up to 40% off select APP Cooling Parts

HKS Discontinuation/Clearance Sale

TRUST GReddy Type-S Coilover Campaign

Tomei Engine Kit Campaign (valid until Sept 30)

In addition to these campaigns we will also be closing the 8th month of the year with an additional 8% off all parts for 8 different top brands!! You can follow the links below and then filter your vehicle by selecting and searching from the drop down on the left hand side of the page.









For anyone looking to purchase injectors we will include a SARD Key Holder as an RHDJapan service!
Please remember to add the following to the comments section at checkout:
PS, the RHDRIDEZ section will be back in action again soon along with some more prize giveaways!

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HKS Discontinuation Clearance Sale

There will be some discontinuations with some of the HKS lineup. Once the current stock is sold these items will no longer be available. Along with some discontinuations comes some great clearance prices!!

Additional 20% OFF all the items below (while stock is available)

HKS Special Full Turbine Kit T51R Kai BB BNR32 BCNR33 BNR34

Current availability:
11003-AN006 (BNR32) 3 SETS
Part Num: 11003-AN007 (BCNR33) 4 SETS
Part Num: 11003-AN008 (BNR34) 3 SETS

HKS GT Special Full Turbine Kit BNR32

Current availability:

Part Num: 1103-RN024 (BNR32) LAST 1!!

HKS R Type Intercooler Kit Toyota JZX100

Current availability:

Part Num: 13001-AT001 9 SETS

HKS Intercooler Piping Kit Toyota JZA80

Current availability:

Part Num: 1302-ST001 3 SETS

HKS Outlet Extension Kit Nissan

Current availability:

Part Num: 1418-RN008 (ECR33 Zenki,HCR32,HR31,C33,A31,PZ31,WGN34 Zenki No ABS) 3 SETS

HKS Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold BNR32 BCNR33

Current availability:
Part Num: 1419-RN001 (BNR32,BCNR33) 24 SETS

HKS Adjustable Actuator Upgrade Kit VG30DETT

Current availability:

Part Num: 1430-RN002 (Z32) 6 SETS

HKS Oil Cooler Type S Nissan S14

Current availability:

Part Num: 15004-AN014 (S14) 10 SETS

HKS Bead Type Metal Head Gasket 2.0mm 7M-GTE

Current availability:

Part Num: 2301-RT028 21 SETS

HKS Crank Damper Pulley Kit Toyota JZA80 JZS147 JZA161

Current availability:

Part Num: 24999-AT001 11 SETS

HKS Fine Tune Timing Belt Toyota 4A-GE AE101 Zenki

Current availability:

Part Num: 24999-AT010 38 PCS

HKS Super Power Flow Reloaded Intake System Subaru

Current availability:

Part Num: 70019-AF002 (BD5,BG5) 5 SETS

HKS Super Power Flow Reloaded Intake System Toyota

Current availability:
Part Num: 70019-AT038 (JZS147) 9 SETS
Part Num: 70019-AT039 (TCR10W Zenki,TCR20W Zenki) 9 SETS

HKS Super Power Flow Reloaded Intake System Mazda

Current availability:

Part Num: 70019-AZ002 (FC3S) 6 SETS
Part Num: 70019-AZ012 (GG3S,MJ21S) 9 SETS

If you are interested please act fast the items will no longer be available once sold!

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