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Weather Delays & National Holiday Feb 12

Greetings from the RHDJapan blogspot and team. With heavy snow being experienced especially from the Kanto region we are experiencing a slight delay in deliveries at the moment. Expected date information within account for items expected over the next week will be pushed back 1~3 days. There are no delays expected once orders are fully updated to Ready to Go status.

February 12 is Foundation Day which is a National Holiday here in Japan. The office and warehouse will be closed in observance of this Holiday.

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Discontinuation: DEFI Racer Gauge N2 Series

Greetings from the RHDJapan blog and team. We have received word that the long-selling Racer Gauge N2 Series from DEFI will be discontinued once current stock is sold out. This includes all colors in both 52 and 60mm versions. We would like to extend a pre-discontinuation campaign on the remaining stock for those looking to complete their set of beloved DEFI meters.


Limited Availability: NISMO LMGT4 18 Inch – Skyline GT-R

We are excited to announce the return of the NISMO LM GT4 wheels in 18 inch developed as perfect spec for the Skyline GT-R! This re-release limited manufacturing run will have the same spec as the previous lot with updated part numbers for 2024 run. Only available for order from Jan 22 to the end of March. 

Also, the 19 inch specs debuted November 2023 will be wrapping up on the deadline for orders at the end of January. 


New Release: Exedy Racing Flywheel – Roadster ND5RC

Greetings from the RHDJapan blog. As a level up option for the Ultra Fiber / S-Metal Type Discs and Clutch Set Exedy has added Racing Flywheel for Roadster ND5RC. Dialed in at 4.2kg for the perfect balance between street and race performance.


New Release: HKS Hipermax S Coilover Suspension – GR Corolla

Greetings from the RHDJapan blog. The highly anticipated all-around premium coilover suspension has finally been released for the exciting new GR Corolla. Get the ultimate in comfort and performance with Hipermax S!


Feature: NISMO Heritage Lineup

Greetings from the RHDJapan blog spot. We are excited to announce the long awaited release of official NISMO Retro Logo versions of the classic Blouson MA-1 Type Bomber Jackets in addition to T-Shirts!


TAS2024 Report: Bride

Greetings from the RHDJapan blog spot. This year we will be increasing the amount of coverage of Tokyo Auto Salon through our blog and also through our social media channels. Amongst the many interesting new parts being released we hope you enjoy our select highlights.

Bride Booth at Tokyo Auto Salon includes some exciting new releases. Most notably a completely new carbon fiber shell featured on their premium #edirb lineup. Long-drive comfort models found in new #Ergoster series. Limited release collaboration with #GoodSmileRacing for Racing Miku 2023 Version #ZetaIV Seat and super limited qty release of #MFGhost collaboration version of #ZetaIVReims


New Release: TRUST / GReddy Jackets

New release information will be hot for the start of the year as new product releases are often held onto and developed to be available by the annual Tokyo Auto Salon. This year will be no different and the RHDJapan team will be sharing select finds through our blog and social media. Please join us over the next couple weeks as we pick out some interesting new finds!

Great to see some good old fashioned Jackets from GReddy, both classic and simple with new modern design.

Version 1. Satin inner with diamond quilting pattern with that inside pocket featuring bold Greddy logo across the chest


Version 2: Smaller GReddy Logo Tags with GReddy Logo Quilting design.

Both quite stylish, difficult to choose just one!


Year End – Start Schedule

Greetings from the RHDJapan team and blog. It is that time of year again when the calendar changes (年末年始 (nen-matsu-nen-shi) end of year / beginning of year). Today December 29th will be the last shipping day from our warehouse, any new updates on order shipments will resume from the 9th of January. Order statuses will continue to have updates as the different manufacturers schedules. Consolidation quote and site will remain in operation, orders paid via Bank Transfer / Wise.com may receive delay in processing as expected. Many thanks to all of customers who have had a great transaction experience with us this year and especially to those who have continued to choose us. We are excited to bring many more refinements for further enhanced services and experience for 2024.

Wishing all a wonderful finish to 2023 and start to 2024!
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Notification: NISMO Aero Parts BCNR33 / BNR34

Greetings from the RHDJapan blog. It has come to our attention that there has been an abrupt stop on orders for most Aero type parts for BCNR33 and BNR34 from NISMO. As most are already aware these parts have been experiencing continual back orders for a couple years now. Along with limit on production ability some items have experienced multiple push backs on expected production time and increasing costs Nismo has decided to decline accepting of orders until further notice.

Some items may be available again by early 2024 while others may have over 4 year wait until current backorders are cleared.