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SARD Catalyzer Campaign ~December 20

Welcome to the RHDJapan blog and greetings from the team. RHDJapan is proud to announce another campaign put together in conjunction with SARD. This campaign is has been offered in celebration of another successful year in Super GT and will be going on up until the Winter Holiday!

This campaign is for tuners looking for improved engine performance while also maintaining clean emissions and applies to all of the vehicle specific Sports Catalyzers by SARD!! There will be an additional discount of up to JPY20,000 for the SARD Sports Catalyzers!! SARD has a wide variety of these catalyzers available for just about all popular JDM tuning vehicles!

An additional JPY5000 discount  will be applied to Catalyzers with an RHDJapan sale price of up to JPY100,000

An additional JPY10,000 discount  will be applied to Catalyzers with an RHDJapan sale price of between JPY100,001~JPY200,000

An additional JPY15,000 discount  will be applied to Catalyzers with an RHDJapan sale price of between JPY200,001~JPY300,000

An additional JPY20,000 discount  will be applied to Catalyzers with a MSRP over JPY300,000

Add any of the  SARD Catalyzers to your shopping cart to get the discount applied and the total shipped price to your location!

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