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Weekend Specials ~Feb 9

Hello from the RHDJapan blog. Introduced in the earlier block posts we are currently having a couple of Giveaways that are not listed on the site.  This will be the last blog post in which we make available the SARD Jumbo Poster/Calendar along with the giveaway for the SPEEDHunters / Rocket Bunny / TRUST  86 Scale Model.

For those who would like the SARD Calendar/ Poster they will need to add the following Hashtag in the comments section at checkout:


As the item is large the order must have at least 1meter of open space within the box required to ship the order. There are only a limited qty available and therefore this offer will expire with this round of Weekend Specials.

The Land of The Rising Sun, early to rise and the RHDJapan team is always putting in hard work pushing out the JDM

For those who are interested in winning the Scale Model:

add hashtag #RHDJapanRocketBunny on instagram with any picture of RHDJapan provided parts or stickers!

The super popular TEIN Suspension campaign that expired at the end of the year is back in action for a limited time. Look for the 'Big Sale' button to find the coupon codes! Lots of great deals on clutches also going on!

Extra Special savings on these brands which will also have a Qty Discount available! This will be an additional discount of JPY1000 for the 2nd item purchased and +JPY500 for each additional item purchased from the same manufacturer!

Double up Discounted Brands:



R's Racing Service

Standard Weekend Specials (6% discount):




GT-1 Motorsports



Ikeya Formula

KOYO Radiator






Zero Sports