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Weekend Specials + Holiday ~Jan 12

Greetings from the RHDJapan blog and team. With the beginning of the New Year also comes the annual Tokyo Auto Salon, until the event is over some continual delays can occur on certain manufacturers. Business throughout the industry will be back at full throttle starting from this upcoming week. We would like to extend a thank you to for your patience over the last couple weeks.

In addition, Monday the 12th will be 'Seijin-no-Hi' or Coming Of Age Day which another National Holiday and this batch of specials will be extended one extra day!

On this special day there are ceremonies for the youth turning 20 as they become adults. Some people like to use this day as a last opportunity to bend the laws as a last salute to the rebellious youth. Anyway, congratulations to all that are turning 20 this year or becoming a full-fledged adult this year.

6% off all parts in these brands:




GP Sports

JUN Auto


Super Now

Brands with 6% & Multiple Qty Discount (additional JPY500 discount per item purchased from same brand): 

Pit Road M


Zero-1000/Top Fuel