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ALL OEM Parts Campaign ~2017

Straight out of Japan greetings from the RHDJapan Team and thank you for checking out this special blog post!

The RHDJapan website is a catalog with a showroom of parts predominately through requests from customers across the globe. Over the years we have continually expanded the catalog and improving the showroom. Along with aftermarket parts the OEM requests have always been in high demand however with endless amounts of possible OEM parts it has also been difficult to efficiently fulfill all OEM requests in a timely manner nor able to help customers track down part numbers. Response time on fulfilling special requests has been significantly reduced and customers can now use the store to track down part numbers.

In addition, we have been cleaning up listings with more concise information and clearing up compatibility information to avoid any possible confusion with parts being purchased. All items are now checked for exact leadtime/availability prior to order to avoid getting the discontinued or back ordered notification only after placing the order.

A significant improvement  in resolving all of these issues has been made providing our customers with a more enjoyable user experience with RHDJapan via the newly released:

OEM Parts Store

In celebration of this highly anticipated release RHDJapan will be extending the biggest sale on ALL OEM Parts!

Discount applied to the parts already listed on the RHDJapan website when purchasing through the OEM Store.

Just follow the link from the RHDJapan store to the new OEM Parts store and the discount will automatically be applied!

Honda OEM

Nissan OEM


Mazda OEM


Mitsubishi OEM

Subaru OEM

Toyota OEM

For those looking for discontinued or used OEM parts please don't forget to check with bidjdm.com (purchasing tips for OEM Parts)

*discount is not applied to newly requested items from the OEM store.