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Price Revision: Cusco Stabilizer & Power Brace ~July 1, 2021

Hello from the RHDJapan blog. We have received notification that there will be an increase in prices on select parts from Cusco starting from July 1 due to increasing prices on materials. Items that will be affected are Stabilizer / Sway bars in addition to the different Power Brace Bars.

The change for most affected items is largely in between the 10~20% range. In the meantime RHDJapan will be extending an additional 5% discount for those looking to lock in the required parts prior to the increase. The discount will apply to ALL items from Cusco in the following categories:
Arm Bars & Sway Bars
Chassis Bars & Power Braces

Items with the following part number layouts are affected:
Stabilizer Bars:
-Front (Part Number: ***-311-A**)
-Rear (Part Number: ***-311-B**)
Power Braces:
-Center Center (Part Number: ***-492-CC)
-Center Panel (Part Number: ***-492-CP)
-Cross Member (Part Number: ***-492-M)
-Engine Room (Part Number: ***-492-ER / ***-492-ERB)
-Floor Center / Center (Part Number: ***-492-C)
-Floor Front Center (Part Number: ***-492-FC)
-Floor Front Side (Part Number: ***-492-FS)
-Floor Rear Side (Part Number: ***-492-RS)
-Front (Part Number: ***-492-F)
-Front Center (Part Number: ***-492-FC / ***-492-FCN)
-Front Member Front (Part Number: ***-492-FMF)
-Front Member Rear (Part Number: ***-492-FMR)
-Front Member Rear (Part Number: ***-492-MS)
-Front Side (Part Number: ***-492-FS)
-Rear (Part Number: ***-492-R)
-Rear Bulk (Part Number: ***-492-RB)
-Rear Center (Part Number: ***-492-RC)
-Rear End (Part Number: ***-492-RE)
-Rear Lateral Stabilizer (Part Number: ***-492-RL)
-Rear Member (Part Number: ***-492-RM)
-Rear Member Side (Part Number: ***-492-RMS)
-Rear Side (Part Number: ***-492-RS)
-Seat Rail (Part Number: ***-492-SR)
-Seat Rail Plus (Part Number: ***-492-SP)
-Seat Rail Plus Front (Part Number: ***-492-SPF)
-Seat Rail Plus Rear (Part Number: ***-492-SPR)
-Trunk Bar Plus (Part Number: ***-492-TP)

Click image for full list, please use contact form or help desk to request items not listed.