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Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 Campaign ~Jan 17 08:30 JST

Happy New Year from the RHDJapan team! After a very challenging year we warmly welcome in 2022 with many wishes of health, safety, happiness and prosperity for all.

The biggest holiday season for Japan is now behind us with the 40th Anniversary main event for the JDM Parts industry just on the horizon.

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RHDJapan will be extending a special campaign in honor of the brands and manufactures that work relentlessly to make the Tokyo Auto Salon the absolute best event dedicated to the JDM enthusiasts year in and year out!

This campaign will go on until Jan 17 08:30 JST and will provide an additional 5%~ on the whole RHDJapan catalog!!

Coupon Code: TAS2022

*the 10th is a National Holiday in honor of those reaching adulthood. Coming of Age (成人の日) Offices and Warehouse will be closed in observance.