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Good morning from sunny Tokyo where Spring has just begun.

The RHDJapan team would like to thank all of you who were concerned with our safety, the messages have been very heart-warming. After the terrible disasters that have occurred over the last couple of days the worst is now behind and the rescue teams are in full effect.
We would also like to thank all of the different people from different countries that have volunteered their expertise to help out.

From here on out Japan will be experiencing rolling blackouts however very few are expected within the city part of Tokyo.

Morning deliveries to have already started back up as normal and orders placed should not expect any significant delays.

EMS and DHL services will be moving on schedule as normal however FEDEX services have been temporarily suspended and should resume within the next couple days.

At the RHDJapan headquarters and warehouses we have experienced no damage to any orders being processed or any stock on hand and no manufacturers are expected to shut down.

If any new developments happen we will keep our customers informed, in the meantime, it is business back to normal.

Thank you for continually supporting the RHDJapan Team.

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  1. Good to hear you guys are safe. We’re still praying for the affected araes in Japan, and hope and expect nothing but good recovery from courageous Japanese people.

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