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APP Braking Campaigns ~July 28

Hello from Tokyo and the RHDJapan team. The majority of the campaigns that have been ongoing are finishing out and it is time for a fresh batch of great campaigns for our customers around the globe. With the Summer around the corner we will have a couple of great Cooling Campaigns released soon, please stay tuned!

This campaign will be applicable for just about all customers as it will cover the majority of popular Japanese tuning machines and will be focused on one side of tuning that is often overlooked, Braking.

Campaign #1

The pads are a relatively new release from APP with no major distribution overseas however we have been able to help some of our sponsored drivers reach podium finishes in highly competitive series such as the EDC (European Drift Championship) and Prodrift.

For any purchases of the Street/Competition AP-8000 or KG-1115 SFIDA pads

as a Front/Rear set will receive an immediate 10% discount!!

Standard Calipers AP-8000 Series

Brembo Type Calipers AP-8000 Series


Standard Calipers KG-1115 Series

Brembo Type Calipers KG-1115 Series



For any purchases of the Street AP-5000 SFIDA pads

as a Front/Rear set will receive an immediate 6% discount

Standard Calipers AP-5000 Series

Brembo Type Calipers AP-5000 Series


*The discount will be applied once the qty in the shopping cart is changed to 2

Campaign #2

For those who are looking to not only replace pads but also upgrade to the APP Brake lines, RHDJapan will also include a 1 Liter can of APP Super Brake Fluid!! (Boiling Point of 286℃ DRY and 176℃ WET, DOT 4).

The following code must be entered into the comments section at checkout: 'APPDOT4Campaign'

*RHDJapan will cover the extra shipping costs incurred on 1L of DOT 4 however this can ONLY be shipped with FEDEX or DHL. Please do not check out on the site with anything other than FEDEX or DHL.

Campaign #3

For those who would like something other than the Brake Fluid RHDJapan is offering two options on a special APP Grab Bag as an alternative.

APP Grab Bag A

APP Grab Bag B

To take advantage of this offer please enter the the title of the Grab Bag along with the size of the T-Shirt desired into the comments section at checkout.

Campaign #4

With the increasing popularity of the APP Full Brake Kits, RHDJapan is excited to also extend a special offer on these as well. For those who would would like to go all out with an APP Big Brake Caliper set will receive a discount of JPY10,000 and will also receive the Brake Fluid along with the option of Grab Bag!

Add the desired brake kit to your shopping cart to get the total discounted price shipped to your location. Please add the Grab Bag information in the comments section at checkout.

RHDJapan works very close with APP and have already made several custom applications and colors along with front and rear kits for our customers. If interested in a custom setup please feel free to contact us.



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