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41st Tokyo Motor Show Coverage 2009

The Tokyo Motor Show was held for the 41st time over the end of October and beginning days of November.  Put together for the automobile manufacturers to debut new ideas and machines, the show has been one of the two major automotive shows for over four decades now. The show is a place where masterpieces are revealed, creative renditions are further endorsed and/or squashed.

With Chris as the cameraman, we were able to get a great ratio of eye to eye shots with the showcar models. For all pictures with models holding pamphlets, we have the actual pamphlets available! Original fingerprints are included for the models without gloves. First come first serve.

Chris's Insight to the Show:

Most Popular car: FT-86 (Rebirth of the AE86!!)
Most Popular Girls: Subaru B4 Girls (Lost two teeth and got a black eye just to get these pictures)
Best Show and Stand: Honda (Robots, Gizmo's and Innovation. 'Creating the never before')
Personal Favorites: Daihatsu Deca Deca, and Lotus EXIGE Stealth

Here is a link to the official site:

There are some great publications translated to English for those interested in more of the history of the Tokyo Motor Show. Please contact us if interested.

Link to rest of the picture set: