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Big Savings on Tomei Engine Kits to ~9/30/2010

With the shipping rates just being updated RHDJapan has also refined the prices on the Tomei Engine Kits for some significantly better prices on these hard-core kits.

In addition to these updates, RHDJapan will also be extending a campaign on any of the RB, SR, 4G63 or EJ engine kits from Tomei until the end of September!!

The following discount (or equivalent in your selected currency) will additionally be deducted once the item is added to your shopping cart:

RB28 Non-Cooling Channel :  Minus Additional JPY75,000

RB28 Non-Cooling Channel w/Titan Coating : Minus Additional JPY75,000

RB28 Cooling Channel
:  Minus Additional JPY65,000

RB28 Cooling Channel w/Titan Coating
:  Minus Additional JPY65,000

SR22Kit Turbo W/Conrods
: Minus Additional JPY70,000

SR22KIT Turbo RNN14
: Minus Additional  JPY70,000

4G63-23 Kit
:  Minus Additional JPY13,000

EJ22 Kit : Minus Additional  JPY14,500

EJ22Kit Competition Model : Minus Additional JPY20,000

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