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HKS GTII Turbine 7460R, Free Cams and Valve Springs included!

Big newsflash for EVO IV~IX owners looking to graduate fro the OEM turbine setup and enter into the 400hp+ territory. As you may know HKS Japan has just released the exciting GTII Turbine 7460R Series for the CN9A and CT9A EVO's.

As a direct replacement over a boost up EVO IX, the turbine was able to squeeze out an additional 48ps at 5000rpm and 63ps at around the 7000rpm mark. Torque was also increased to 53.9kg-m which was an improvement of 6.7kg-m at the 4000rpm mark.

With the addition of some engine internals, better cooling, improved air flow, increased fuel HKS was able to get this turbine to push out 459ps at 7000rpm and rip out 61kg-m of torque at 3740rpm!!

Along with the release of this spectacular kit there is a massive campaign going on. The campaign includes a FREE Set of Cams and Valve Springs!!

This offer is limited in availability, please act quickly!!

More information on the campaign can be found at the following link

Picture 13

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