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URAS Campaign Freebie and 6% Off Select items ~6/29

Continuing on with more great campaigns we have the URAS campaign going into effect immediately. With this campaign RHDJapan will be extending an additional 6% off select URAS items until the 29th of this month. With the already low price of URAS items additional discounts do not come around often. Please feel welcome to take advantage of this limited offer on the following products.

URAS Pineapple

URAS Super Pineapple

Uras Super Kyushu Rear Brake Shoes

Uras Tatsunootoshigo S13

Uras Tatsunootoshigo S14/S15

In addition, RHDJapan will be giving out a Chihuahua Eco-Bag from URAS signed by the one and only Nomura Ken! This item is open to any purchases on the RHDJapan site between now and 6/29. For those who are interested must enter ' Chihuahua' into the comments section at checkout. Orders with this information entered into the comments section will be entered into a raffle and the winner will be announced by July 7th.

*RHDJapan will include the Eco-Bag free of charge with any order that is going out, we will not cover the shipping of this item alone.

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