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Weekend Special ~Dec 7 & Winter Holiday Schedule

Greetings from a chilly Osaka. Winter has set in, gloves are required when riding any bikes. This year seemed to have flown on by and we hope that everyone had many great memories from it. But there is still lots of time left in this 2015 and lots to cover so let's get to it!

As we enter December it is time to go over the end of the year schedules. The majority of the companies will be finishing with shipping out on the 25th and the RHDJapan team will have our final packing day on the 25th as well. We will continue to process orders continually so that we can get all of our orders for the New Year in as soon as it begins. Normal work schedule for the majority of places including RHDJapan shipping will resume on the 6th day of January 2016.

RHDJapan is proud to announce that we finally got another legendary company listed on the site!!

The ultimate in Shokunin level craftsmanship for steering wheels:

such a cool logo too!

These are the craftsman whom carefully stitch together some of the coolest racing level steering wheels. The manufacturer behind many other highly regarded brands.

ATC been outsourced to create some super customized designs at top quality for these places:

J's Racing

Car Make T&E



Currently under renewal and old version is discontinued. Price and release date is still undecided however here is a sneak peek!

RHDJapan exclusive!!?

There are so many great steering wheels available in Japan.

In the holiday spirit we would like to offer a SanKyu Special on all Steering Wheels for the rest of the 2015!!

This will be an additional 3.9% discount on price

along with an extra JPY500 worth of bonus points!

that almighty big and heavy JDM coin!  also known as The Big Nickel!

SankyuBigNickelSteering as the coupon code will provide this extra savings.

We always get requests for extra stickers and many times they are difficult to come by. For a limited time only RHDJapan will be giving a 100% discount on the legendary Americana style logo Sticker Set by Super Now!

This discount is applied when stickers are purchased with other select SuperNow products.

Keeping the Weekend Specials going strong as well!

WEEKEND Specials:






Fujita Engineering FEED


HKB Sports







Nagisa Auto




OS Giken





TODA Racing

TRA Kyoto





Watanabe Service

Works Bell

Yashio Factory

Ongoing Campaigns:

APEX Campaigns - Power Intake Filters

APP Brake Line & Fluid Campaign

APP Brake Pad Set Campaign

DEFI all parts campaign

HKS GT-RS SR20DET Last Chance Campaign

HPI Rollcage with Sidebar Campaign

King of Europe fans only Campaign

NGK Sparky Kun character strap FREEBIE 

SARD Sports Catalyzer Campaign

SARD Fuel Campaign for select Fuel Pumps, Regulators, Injectors

SARD Injector Last Chance Sale

650cc - 3S-GTE, 1JZ-GTE, 2JZ-GTE, EJ20, VG30DETT

800cc - 3S-GTE, 1JZ-GTE, 2JZ-GTE, EJ20, VG30DETT 

800cc - CA18DET, SR20DET 13B, RB26ETT, 4G63

HKS Sankyu & KeychainCampaign
TRUST San-Kyu Calendar Campaign
Top Secret San-kyu & Poster Campaign
Mugen Calendar Present Campaign
NISMO Calendar Campaign
STI Calendar Campaign
World Time Attack fans only campaign

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