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Cooling Campaign 2024 ~June 30

Greetings from the RHDJapan team. As we enter the early Warmer Weather Season we would like to take this into consideration to extend a campaign focused on Cooling Performance. In the aim for more power and higher performance, getting rid of excess heat is a critical, yet many times neglected, aspect of tuning. Proper Cooling Performance will make sure that all related functions work in optimally.
For this campaign we would like to extend a further discount from our standard great prices. ALL items included within the links below will qualify for additional 5% discount at checkout:

A great step 1 for a cost-effective DIY application is to upgrade with Low-Temp Thermostat and/or High-Pressure Radiator Cap. Ideal for any vehicle driven around in a spirted fashion. Available for a wide array of popular engines.
At the center of the water based Cooling System is the Radiator, upgrading this item will efficiently increase the coolant running throughout the engine. Available for most popular sporty cars.
Select vehicles may also have other items such as Fans & Shrouds to level up the draw airflow throughout the radiator. 

Make sure coolant can safely & securely travel in-between the hard-working engine with reinforced Radiator Hose. Tap directly into the Radiator Hose with Hose Attachment allowing sensor to tap directly for the most accurate and precise readings with Performance Meters. These gauges are available to closely monitor other engine vitals such as Oil Pressure and Oil Temperature

In order to adapt these high precisions sensors into the engine most applications utilize a spacer block placed in between the Oil Filter, Relocated or in-line.
Knowing and observing the limits of your machine is essential to avoid catastrophic failure and excess repair costs. When oil temperature becomes an issue, the most effective way to tackle it is with an add-on/upgrade Oil Cooler Kit. This is often available as a complete kit for popular applications. Also Oil Cooler Cores available for one-off and/or custom applications.

Making sure the coolant is properly flowing throughout the cooling system can be an issue on some select engines with Water Pumps. Making sure the engine oil is properly flowing and lubricating throughout the engine. A High-Flow type Oil Pump / Gear kit can be installed on some select engines.

Although much more rare and often for more extreme applications, a few select vehicles may want to consider a Cooler kit for their Transmission, Power Steering or Differential.

Turbo engines can quickly achieve extra power with some boost up. An Intercooler Kit will help cool down the hot air flowing throughout the engine and turbocharger to more safely and securely increase boost. Available as a direct replacement core or full kits. For the smoothest and most secure airflow from intercooler to engine, we have Piping Kits.

Other ways to improve airflow throughout the cooling system, braking system, intake and turbo systems can be assisted with Cooling Panels & Ducts.

The cooling efficiencies of both Water and Oil Coolings systems can often be further leveled up with the addition of COOLING COLLECTOR OR OVERFLOW AND CATCH TANKS.

Often for more serious hard driven machines Upgrade Oil Pans and Differential Covers not only allows for improved cooling efficiency with fin design, but they also allow for increased volume of oil which also maintains a lower temperature.

Of course without using the proper Oils / Coolant, maximum performance and protection cannot be achieved. Many great options are available most places overseas, however we do offer some selection on premium quality from Japan.

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