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Sakura Spring Campaign ~April 12, 08:30JST

Seasons Greetings from the RHDJapan team and blog spot. The Cherry Blossoms are starting to bud and blossom in Kansai which is a time of joy and renewal.

We would like to extend a special discount for ALL Parts in select Brands, many of those who have option colors in the Sakura color!
Details and coupon code included in the listings
Deadline for orders completed by April 12, 08:30JST

326 Power



Car Make T&E Vertex


Cyber Stork



Garson D.A.D





Junction Produce





Pit Road M





Silk Road

Spoon Sports

Super Now


Swift Tohatsu Springs





Top Secret

Yashio Factory

Zoom Engineering


Tokyo Auto Salon 2021 Campaign ~Jan 18 08:30 JST

Happy New Year from the RHDJapan team! After a very challenging year we warmly welcome in 2021 with many wishes of health, safety, happiness and prosperity for all.

The biggest holiday season for Japan is now behind us with the main event for the JDM Parts industry just on the horizon.

#TAS2021 was originally planned as a hybrid event continuing the traditional salon festivities while boosting up digital production. At the end of 2020 the analog side of the event was called off and tremendous efforts have been focused in on the internet side. Official coverage can be seen through the following:

Auto Salon TV
Virtual Auto Salon

RHDJapan will be extending a special campaign in honor of the brands and manufactures that work relentlessly to make the Tokyo Auto Salon the absolute best event dedicated to the JDM enthusiasts year in and year out!

This campaign will go on until Jan 18 08:30 JST and will provide an additional 6%~ on the whole RHDJapan catalog!!

Coupon Code: TAS2021

*the 11th is a National Holiday in honor of those reaching adulthood. Coming of Age (成人の日) Offices and Warehouse will be closed in observance.


HKS Suspension Campaign ~Limited Stock

Hello from the RHDJapan and Seasons Greetings. We are excited to announce some more great deals, much better than ever before!

This post is to introduce massive discounts (UP to additional 35%!) on select Hipermax series of HKS Suspension for a few lucky vehicles! Look for the sale banner as seen in the screenshots below for extra special discounts. If your vehicle does not have the sale banner and coupon code in the listing you can still receive a 5% discount on your select suspension with
coupon code: 2020HandleIt


Pre-Price Increase Campaign Cusco Close Ratio & Rollcage ~Dec 14 08:30JST

Hello from the RHDJapan blog. We have received information regarding price increases on select items from Cusco due to material price increases.

The pricing change will be approximately 10% more on select Close Ratio Gear Sets and between 20 to 30% on all rollcages and accessories. RHDJapan will be extending a discount on all orders confirmed by Dec 14, 08:30JST

Close Gear Kits
Rollcages and Accessories


Seasonal Campaign: Seasons Greetings ~Dec 31 08:30JST

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan blog. As we approach the end of 2020 we will be continually updating the blog with new Seasonal Campaigns. Please stay posted for the best deals on genuine JDMParts.

Starting immediately and ongoing until the last day of 2020! the list of brands below will have extra discounts available.

Get at least an additional 5% off ALL parts listed from the following JDM Brands:

J's Racing

Kawai Works

Laile (Beatrush)

M&M Honda


Okuyama (Carbing)

ORC (Ogura Clutch)

Pro Composite

Project Mu

R's Racing Service

Rays (Volk Racing)


Saito Rollcage


Spoon Sports


Top Secret

Subaru OEM


Zoom Engineering

*Higher discounts may be applied when purchasing a combination of different items and/or if higher quantity is added to the shopping cart.

**further discount is applied with the best combination of exchange rates and low fees with TransferWise payment.


Summer & Obon Holiday Schedule 2020

Hello from the RHDJapan and blog. It’s just about that time of year again, mid Summer when companies all throughout Japan close down in observance of Obon.

The majority of manufacturers will be closed from the 10th to the 14th. Companies with a longer holiday include the OEM manufacturers and their Works companies. For made to order items of 4 weeks or more a 1 week delay in processing maybe applied, effective immediately.

The RHDJapan team will be off in observance of this holiday from the 13th to the 14th. Please feel free to use our new Stock Check feature for up to date availability information.

We apologize for any delays on your urgent items and will be working to process and ship out orders with utmost urgency. Wishing all a safe and enjoyable Summer Season in the northern hemisphere and a Wonderful Winter season in the Southern hemisphere.


HKS Sports Turbine Kit EVOX CZ4A Campaign

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan blog spot. We have another great campaign to extend just for the Lancer Evolution X CZ4A crowd and possibly those with the 4B11 engine swap!

Get an additional 15% discount off our regular sale price on the HKS Sports Turbo Kits GTII 8262 KAI or GTII 7460 KAI
Only available while stock lasts!!

HKS GTII 7460 Kai


HKS Hipermax Coilover S-Style C/L Campaign

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan blog spot. We have another great campaign to extend for premium comfort, handling performance and adjustability on select HKS Hipermax Coilover Suspension S-Style C & L

Available for select applications with the sale banner, get an additional 15% discount off our regular sale price!
Only available while stock lasts!!


HKS Super Hybrid Air Filter Campaign

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan blog spot. We have another great campaign to extend for those looking to upgrade the standard air intake filter with one of the long running HKS Super Hybrid Filters!

Available for select applications with the sale banner, get an additional 20% discount off our regular sale price!
Only available while stock lasts!!


Fujitsubo Summer Campaign 2020 ~Aug 28

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan blog. The RHDJapan team is glad to announce another campaign available over the Summer Time 2020. In addition to an extra discount on our normal sale price the purchase of any of the items below will also have an original Fujitsubo Muffler Towel included as a FREE Service!

All items included in the following links will qualify for additional discount along with the Muffler Towel!

Exhaust Manifold / Heades: SuperEX
Front Pipe