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One-Time Offer: Feel’s – Honda Twincam Front Sports Grill – Civic Type-R Euro FN2

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan blog for the first information on some great special offers. This special offer is for the Feel's - Honda Twincam Front Sports Grille FRP - Civic Type-R Euro FN2
Normally made to order for much higher price. One available at special price ready for immediate shipping.


New Product Information: Cusco LSD for Civic FL5 Type R


Production Resumed: Mugen Dry Carbon Mirror Cover Civic FC1 FK7 FK8 Insight ZE4

Good news from Mugen! After about a 1 year hiatus the Dry Carbon Mirror Cover set is back!

Over the last couple years the procurement and manufacturing of Dry Carbon materials has been very challenging even for Works Manufacturers such as Mugen. Many items have had leadtimes been pushed back several times despite long waits causing problems for all involved. This situation has forced some items to be put on hold from new orders processing. 

With this announcement it looks like the situation has improved and ordering can resume for these items. Hopefully the leadtime for other items will also be reduced.