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APP HID Lighting Double Up Campaign ~JUNE 28

Welcome to the RHDJapan Blog! We have been warming up the campaigns all year long and with the motorsports seasons starting we will be releasing more and more! Stay tuned on and off the track with RHDJapan!

With the on-going MSC Challenge Sponsor Campaign RHDJapan is offering an additional 6% off of several select brands that are supporting the MSC Series and drivers. Among the manufacturers sponsoring this grass-roots drift series is APP.  With the introduction of this campaign we will be offering something on top of what is provided in the MSC Challenge Campaign for HID items with APP!

If you have considered converting to a high-quality HID setup or upgrading your HID system a great opportunity has come!

APP Main Sponsor D1GP machine equipped with the Extreme Blue setup!

RHDJapan Works JZX81 equipped with the APP Cerulean Blue HID Kit

(photo courtesy of Rich Sams)

When choosing your HID kit it can be difficult to make the final decision on the best setup to go with given the variety different colors,

brightness and impact available. Depending on the event, sometimes you may want to go with a different level of brightness or maybe a different level of impact, even different colors.

Once you can narrow it down to your top two preferred choices you can leave the rest to RHDJapan.

When you place your order on the RHDJapan site for the

APP 15000K HID Kit Extreme Blue
APP 15000K HID Kit Extreme Blue H4 Hi/Lo
APP 3000K HID Kit Imperial Gold
APP 3000K HID Kit Imperial Gold H4 Hi/Lo
APP 4500K HID Kit Precious White
APP 4500K HID Kit Precious White H4 Hi/Lo
APP 6000K HID Headlight Kit Brilliant White H4 Hi/Lo
APP 6000K HID Kit Brilliant White
APP 8000K HID Kit Cerulean Blue
APP 8000K HID Kit Cerulean Blue H4 Hi/Lo

The second set of bulbs will be included for FREE!!

Please add the color of your desired sets into the comments section at checkout and these will be included with your order!

Example of how to order listed below
(Imperial Gold ordered, Precious White to also be included as a service)

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