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FREE ENDLESS Tsunagi with purchase of ZEAL Suspension

Adding another great deal for those who do not have any of the vehicles in the other suspension campaign.
In this campaign there will be one piece of Tsunagi/Coveralls included with each purchase of any ZEAL Suspension kit!!

This campaign will last until August 8 however supplies are limited so please contact us first to confirm availability of your size and color.

Available colors and sizes:

Navy Blue (p/n GWS) M, L or XL


Blue Striped (p/n GWSS) M, L or XL


Our current listing of ZEAL suspension is limited on the site, if you are looking to pick up a set of suspension that is not currently listed please contact us early enough so that we can get the items listed before the end of the campaign.

Please put 'ZEAL Request' in the subject so that we can get to your request right away.

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