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Weekend Specials Holiday Schedule~July 16

Greetings from the RHDJapan Blog. This week we have implemented a new feature to the site for those who would like to check current availability prior to placing the order.  Thanks to those who have voiced their input, the RHDJapan team is working full-time on the website to continually improve the shopping experience.

Summer is a great season for Japan as their are festivals on-going throughout the whole season. Starting off the Summertime will be a National Holiday on the 15th which will be Umi no Hi (Beach Day, Ocean Day). The RHDJapan team will also be observing this holiday and will resume work back to normal on the 16th. This batch of weekend specials will be extended an extra day!

Staying cool is the key to the hot and humid Japan summertime. We will be including some of the manufacturers that specialize in the cooling system for this special extended batch of Weekend Specials:

ARC Brazing




FEEL's Honda Twincam

Garage Defend


J's Racing


KOYO Radiator

Okuyama Carbing





YR Advance

Zero Sports

The following campaigns will all expire on July 16 8:30am Japan time:

 Ongoing Campaigns:

HKS Capacity Up Stroker Kit Campaign ZC6 ZN6 ~Aug 30

HKS Supercharger Kit Campaign ZN6 ZC6 ~Aug 30

HKS Turbo & EVC Campaign ~Aug 30

HKS Exhaust Muffler Campaign ~Aug 30

NISMO LSD Oil Campaign ~Limited Stock