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Project Mu: Super GT GT300 Standings

Backed by ProjectMu braking excellence the following teams have taken 1st place at the two previous rounds of Super GT 2022 Series:

Round 5 Suzuka
 @nobuterutaniguchi @kataoka.tatsuya
Machine: Mercedes AMG GT3
Round 6 Sugo
muta Racing INGING GR86 GT
Drivers: @hiroki.katoh @yuui_0909
Machine: TOYOTA GR86
With a solid performance this weekend for Round 7 Autopolis either of these teams could end up winning the SuperGT 2022 series with another great showing at Round 8 Motegi.
Project Mu once again proves the premium quality of their products throughout different motorsports fields and a diverse range of specialized vehicles. Follow the drivers and give them a cheer for some great final rounds.

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