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HPI X DG-5 Coilover Suspension Collaboration Campaign ~Feb 28

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan blog. This campaign is for those looking for a high performance all around sports orientated coilover suspension kit. Available for around 50 of the select popular street/circuit machines.

RHDJapan is proud to be given the opportunity to extend an additional 10% discount off the whole lineup from HPI. Available immediately until the end of the month.


Weekend Specials ~Sept 9

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan blog. This weekend is also the special round of Super GT at Autopolis.

Round 6 of the Autobacs Super GT Race will be held in Oita Prefecture of Kyushu.
This batch of weekend specials will have special emphasis for the different teams and sponsors that work so hard for the challenge and entertainment!

at least additional 6%~ discount on ALL parts from the following JDM Brands! 


Arai Helmet


Bandoh Racing Project









Gazoo Racing








Project Mu




Showa Tuning



SWIFT Springs






Work Wheels


Fujitsubo Summer Campaign ~Sept 30

Thank you for visiting the RHDJapan blog. We are extremely proud to announce another great campaign from Fujitsubo!

Get an additional 5% discount on the whole lineup for the whole summer!

For items not already listed on RHDJapan please make a request through the contact form.


Typhoon Jebi 台風21号 Shipping Delay

Hello from the RHDJapan blog and team. Operations are back to normal at the RHDJapan office and warehouse, we expect no significant delays from manufacturers affected by the typhoon. Pickups for international shipments with DHL, FEDEX and EMS will resume as normal from tomorrow. All of these shipping services normally use Kansai International Airport (KIX) as the hub however due to the significant damage caused KIX is currently closed. 

In the meantime, packages will be rerouted through Nagoya and Narita airports until operations are back to normal here in Osaka. We do not expect any significant delays of more than a couple days. If tracking information status is not updated within 3 days from dispatch please let us know and we will chase up on the order status.


HKS Capacity Up Stroker Kit Campaign ~Aug 31

Thank you for checking out the RHDJapan blog and this special campaign listing. This campaign is made specifically for the flagship tuning engine  crowd and those looking to get serious with upgraded engine internals! Whether looking to support big power and for increased engine displacement or need and engine rebuild and want perfect balance and next level reliability this campaign provides tremendous opportunity to pick up your HKS Capacity Up/Stroker Kit.

Not only will you have everyday great sales pricing and the best shipping rates anywhere in the world from Japan, each kit marked with the sale banner and campaign details will come with your choice of Intake and Exhaust Camshafts for 100% FREE!
RHDJapan will also pickup the extra shipping costs, NO EXTRA SHIPPING too!

Summer & Obon Holiday Schedule 2018

Hello from the RHDJapan and blog. It’s just about that time of year again, mid Summer when companies all throughout Japan close down in observance of Obon.

うちかぴ (uchikapi) money offerings for ancestors in the afterlife. 

The majority of manufacturers will be closed from the 10th to the 20th. Companies with a longer holiday include the OEM manufacturers and their Works companies. For orders that include OEM items could see up to a 2 week delay in processing effective immediately.

The RHDJapan team will be off in observance of this holiday from the 13th to the 15th. Please contact us in advance for urgent items that will need to be shipped prior to the 11th. For orders placed from now the order will process as normal if it can be shipped within 15 days of receipt.

We apologize for any delays on your urgent items and will be working to process and ship out orders with utmost urgency. Wishing all a safe and enjoyable Summer Season in the northern hemisphere and a Wonderful Winter season in the Southern hemisphere.



Golden Week Holiday Schedule ~May 7

Hello once again from the RHDJapan blog. As the month of April ends all of Japan will enter the Golden Week holidays.  The official National Holidays start April 30 and from May 3~5. The RHDJapan team will be in observance of these days and away will not be shipping. Many larger companies will completely shut down from April 27 to May 7. Please understand that there will be a slight delay on orders at this time.

Standard processing time frame of 3~10 working days will change to 3~15 working days until Golden Week finishes (May 6).  For items stated as made to order on the site will be processed as normal with the stated time frame +5 working days until Golden Week finishes.

For any items that are backordered beyond this time frame customers will be informed via a ticket with exact date information prior to processing the order.


Dixcel Gunte Gloves FREEBIE Campaign ~2018

Many thanks for checking the RHDJapan blog. In the festive mood as we enter the cold months at the end of the year RHDJapan is proud to continue on with some more of our annual FREEBIES. This one is a great choice to start with as it will not be vehicle specific and just about any order will qualify! Give your hands a little extra warmth on the casual scene or extra grip, cleanliness and protection when desired.

We intend to have this offer ongoing until the end of the year however there is Limited Availability.

If stock is gone the message will disappear from the listing.

Please also note that the item is only available as a 'FREE' Size which is around a M/L fitment.

If you have big hands, please give them to a friend in need.


APP Braking Campaign

Welcome to the RHDJapan blog. As many the major Summer campaigns that have been on-going will expire at the end of August. In place of the expiring campaigns RHDJapan will continue to make available a variety of original campaigns as we enter into the fall season.

In this campaign RHDJapan will be offering a 100% discount on a 1L can of APP Super Brake Fluid when purchased in conjunction with any of the APP/SFIDA Brake Rotors, Brake Pads, Brake Lines or Brake Kits. Get your brake system operating at maximum performance and reliability when using your APP/SFIDA brakes parts in conjunction with their premium fluid!


Limited availability on this campaign, once the message disappears from the part listings the campaign will have expired.


Weekend Specials ~May 29

Hello from the RHDJapan team and welcome to the RHDJapan blog. This week we have started up a couple more worthy campaigns. Included is the HKS Coilover Suspension campaign for select premium coilover kits. Also, bumping up the very generous Reward Points for ALL clutch kits! Being the last Friday of the month we would like to provide a special extension for those with processing orders. For any processing order we can include a limited edition Project Mu Rally Eco-Bag as a FREE Service!

 Please respond to any open ticket in the help desk with 'PmuEcoBag' or include this comment along with your order number via the contact form. This offer will expire with the Weekend Specials.

Last Chance for Biot Brake Rotor Offer:

Anyone looking for top of the line performance brake rotors by braking specialists Biot!

FREE Drilled Rotor Option for any Front and Rear 2 or 3-piece Rotor Sets!
This upgrade is equivalent to an additional discount of JPY40,000+ (USD400+)

This offer is available for the rest of the month, please put any requests by the 29th of May.
Please send your set requests through the contact form for items not available on the RHDJapan site.

This week we have also started up a couple more interesting campaigns and notifications:

Notification of price increase to come from Tomei

Special discount on premium handling performance by Ohlins

Special discount on the ultra high performance aeroparts by VARIS

Special extended debut campaign for highly sought after TRUST Sirius Boost Meter & Control Unit (in stock too!)

Weekend Specials Additional 6% discount ~May 29


Charge Speed


HKB Sports


Jun Auto










Noby Booth

OER Sports


Super Now

Top Secret




Unlimited Works

Workx Bell


Yashio Factory

Zep Racing

Zoom Engineering

Other ongoing campaigns include the following:

Nardi Steering Wheel Promotion Campaign

TRUST GReddy Sirius Meter Campaign

For the most serious enthusiast there is a very special limited offer on select full brake kits from the legends in brake performance, Endless!

Get a super stylish original wrist watch as a FREE service with select Race Braking Caliper Kits by Endless!

Please send your set requests through the contact form for items not available on the RHDJapan site.