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Weekend Specials & Silver Nugget Bonus Extended ~Sept 30

After a long hot and humid summer in Kansai the changing of seasons is quite a relief and cause to celebrate with some extra special offers to close out the month of September!

Many thanks for the overwhelming response on the pioneer batch of Silver Nugget style campaigns offered during  Silver Week Holiday. Closing out the holiday RHDJapan will continue on with all of the same offers made earlier in the week.

Silver Nuggets:

Full Body Kits

Fenders & Doors

TRUNKS & Hatches

Manifolds & HEADERS

Racing Seats

Stroker Kits

Oil Cooler Kits

Final Gears & Pinions

Fuel Pumps

Lips Spoilers & Wings

 More are to be released on the RHDJapan Twitter and RHDJapan Facebook pages with #RHDSilverNugget

With the majority of ongoing campaigns ending as September closing out we will go ahead and run all the campaigns for the rest of the month of September. This is an Extra 3 Days! 

The Silver Mark

Weekend Specials:




HKB Sports

JUN Auto








Yashio Factory

Additional Campaigns:

APEX Campaigns - Power Intake FiltersPFC CommanderDIN Meter

Cusco Campaign - LSD's (now with extra 250 bonus points!), suspension  & Rollcages ~End of Sept

TRUST - IntercoolerV-LayoutTurbo & Sports SuctionTurbo & Spark Plugs campaign ~End of Sept

The HPI Cooling Campaign is right for those who would like to take extra measures during this hot summer

Exedy Mini Campaign ~ End of Sept


Bride Pre-Price Increase Sale ~April 28

Welcome to the RHDJapan blog. In an effort to always provide our customers with the best deals and services we also like to give our customers a heads up about price increases from the manufacturers. Providing a heads up about the inevitable in addition to providing a little extra discount allows for a much better deal to customers who are willing to lock down their orders confidently with RHDJapan.

This time we have just confirmed that there will be a complete price rise across the board for all seats and rails from the ever popular BRIDE. Being the absolute favorite for RHDJapan customers we are sure that many will be glad to get this information before the big price increase. Seats will increase from JPY10,000 all the way up to JPY24,000 depending on the series and material. Rails will be increasing by a flat JPY1000.

the sale banner on the thumbnail will be displayed for the time that the sale is still available for

Although there is nothing that we can do about the price rise RHDJapan would like to provide some forewarning topped off with an additional 5% discount.