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Bee-R Rev Limiter Parumpumpumpap Campaign ~Jan 16

Welcome to the RHDJapan blog and Seasons Greetings. This campaign is for one of the JDM Classics, one of the items we have been continually selling since the early years. Bring the noise in 2017 for the biggest discount as of yet!



Limited Offer: Additional 10% off BEE-R Rev Limitters for Honda Vehicles

RHDJapan is doing a special offer on the BEE-R REV Limiter for Honda vehicles (Both Type H and Type H2).

The offer is a 10% additional discount off of the already discounted price on our site and will only be valid for 3 purchases each.

Coupon Code for Type H: RevLimitterTypeH


Coupon Code for type H2: RevLimitterTypeH2