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Weekend Specials ~June 29

Greetings from the RHDJapan team. We hope that everyone had a good week and will have an even better weekend!

With the growing popularity of the Special50 offers that have recently been introduced to the blog we have another exciting round this week.  Last week we had something for the Honda crowd and this week will be for the S-Chassis folks!

additional 50% discount our sale price!! 

 Also available in RED and SILVER

As individually purchasing these items is not cost effective the items being offered this round will not be available for individual purchase.

Offer is valid until coupon no longer works. Click above image for more info...

This week we have been able to get another great campaign started up including the free HKS EVC with the purchase of some select Sports Turbines Still going stong is the APP SFIDA and APP Brake Lines!  Continuing on is the HPI Cooling Campaign for a tremendous discount on all the cooler bits and the BIG SARD Campaign which will allow for the absolute best pricing on SARD items anywhere!! HKS Suspension and Mufflers are also nice additions and also have a very rare campaign from APEXi for the DIN Meter.

Standard Weekend Specials (6% discount): 





HKB Sports

Ikeya Formula

JUN Auto

Mitsubishi OEM



OS Giken

Pit Road M

Power House Amuse






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