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BIOT 1pc Slit Brake Rotor Limited Offer Campaign

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan blog. We have been offered super special pricing on the last of stock on the discontinued BIOT 1PC Slit Type Brake Rotors. Stock is very limited and hat color is only available in the signature BIOT purple. Please inquiry through the Help Desk with your desired setup.

Availability as of August 6:

DC5 Type-R: Front and Rear

AP1 S2000 : Front and Rear

NSX : Front and Rear

CJ4A/CD9A/CE9A : Front

CN9A/CP9A (15 inch): Front

CN9A (16 inch): Rear

CN9A/EC5A : Front

S14 (Turbo)/S15: Rear

PS13/S14 (4Hole): Rear

ER34: Front

BNR32 (296mm): Front

Z33 Brembo: Front5/BE5 (RS): Rear

GC8/BG#/BH#: Front

GDB Brembo: Front

GC8/SF5/SF9: Rear

SW20 MR2 II~V : Front

ACR50W ACR55W Estima AHR20: Front

ACR50W ACR55W Estima AHR20: Rear

NA6CE Roadster: Rear

NB Roadster: Front

RX-7 FD3S (16inch): Front

RX-8 SE3P (323mm) : Front

RX-8 SE3P (302mm) : Front

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