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Price Revision Notification: Nagisa Auto / NAMS

Greetings from RHDJapan. This blog post is to provide a heads up on upcoming price change. Starting December 1 there will be a price revision on select parts from #NagisaAuto / #NAMS.

Extra incentive to lock in order at current price.

Coupon Code: BlackFriday2022

This includes the following parts:

ALL of the SeatRails including Pettanko and SuperPettanko

ALL GT Style Towing Hook

ALL Stabilizer Links

Repair Pillow Ball Bushings

OEM Type Lower Arm Ball Joint, Tie Rod Ends for:

-Hakosuka GC10
-Kenmeri GC110 Skyline2000GT

Arm type parts for:
-FairladyZ #S30Z / #S130Z

Front Pillow Tension Rod Set for:
-Aristo JZS161
-CrownMajesta JZS177

Rear Pillow Toe Adjustable Rod for:
-AP1 S2000

Front Pillow Upper Arm for: