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BLITZ Intercooler SE Campaign!! ~Aug 15

Hello from Japan and Sunny Tokyo along with the RHDJapan team!

The summer is almost in full effect and this is the perfect occasion to improve the cooling capabilities of your vehicle!

This Campaign will introduce the New Intercooler kit from the great tuning parts manufacturer Blitz!!

The new SE "Standard Edition" Intercooler kit and is available for a few of the popular tuning vehicles.
Blitz has been able to uphold the cooling performance seen in the more expensive “Intercooler“ while also maintaining a lower cost by not applying the chemical shine process.

This is a great Intercooler kit with a very competitive price!

We have just finished adding all Intercooler SE models to our website, and we want to celebrate the new addition with a great offer for all our precious costumers, RHDJapan will extend an additional 6% discount on all Blitz Intercooler SE until the 15th of August!

*Additional discount will be applied once items are added to shopping cart.

Follow the links below and use the pin-point search function for finer tuned searches.
Add the items to your shopping cart to see the total shipped price to your location

- BLITZ Intercooler SE -

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