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Holiday Season FREEBIES!

This will be Round 4 of the FREEBIES from the RHDJapan Blog with some great seasonal items included in this batch!

With the end of 2011 soon approaching the campaigns are now better than ever! There is lots of excitement about many regular campaigns going on along with the out of the ordinary campaigns found in the Winter Bonus Campaign and The Ultimate Golden Ticket Campaign.

And as we talk about the Winter Bonus Campaign, those FREEBIES are available for all those who place right now an order that qualify !

As we are always striving to bring our customers the most value for money while also giving back to our many customers across the globe. Thank You!

Directions on how to get a FREEBIE included with your order:

1)Place an order that qualify the Winter Bonus Campaign

2) Please share this blog on your Facebook wall.

3) Copy & Paste the title of the desired item below along with order number to the thread on the 'Currently Available FREEBIES'  RHDJapan wall (will be updated daily, please scroll to most recent post)

Now, let the fun begin!!

FREEBIE #1 : Mugen 2012 Calendar (2pcs available)

FREEBIE #2 :Option2 Super Tuned Machine Calendar (1pc available)

FREEBIE #3 : NISMO Calendar (2pcs available)

FREEBIE #4 : STi Calendar (2pcs available)

FREEBIE #5 : TRD Calendar (2pcs available)

FREEBIE #6 : DIXCEL Thermo Strips (1pc available)

FREEBIE #7 : SPOON Rigid Collar Tenugui (1pc available)

FREEBIE #8 : Bee-R 20th Anniversary Sticker Emblem (10 pcs available)

FREEBIE #9 : Dori-Sen Parts Tengoku (1pc available)

FREEBIE #10 : Tomei Fan (10 pcs available)

FREEBIE #11 : Carbing/OKUYAMA Sticker Set (10 pcs available)

FREEBIE #12 : HKS KEEP On Rollin' Save Japan Charity T Shirt (XXL : 1pc, XL : 1pc)

FREEBIE #13 : SARD Double sticker and Original SARD File (10 pcs available)

FREEBIE #14 : Fujitsubo Calendar (4pcs available)

FREEBIE #15 : HKS Calendar (3pcs available)

FREEBIE #16 : J'S Racing Calendar (1 pc available)

*If the item is too large to fit within the box required for your order we will not be able to include the item for you.

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