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Addressing concerns of Covid-19 Corona Virus

Hello from the RHDJapan crew. Due to the uncertainties regarding the Covid-19 (Corona virus) we have received several inquiries of concern from customers. In so far we have mostly been able to continue business as normal and understand that the situation and policies may change quickly as countries attempt to deal with this unfortunate situation. We would like to use this blog post as our central point to make clear the situation regarding orders placed with RHDJapan.

The expected date information updated to customer accounts after orders are placed is still considered accurate. Orders are to ship within 24 hours from the date of the item with the last expected date is met and the status of the complete order is updated as Ready to Go Out.
For those who would like to check on specific parts prior to order, the most up-to-date availability/lead-time information can be requested with our recently released Stock Check function that can be found within the customer account. For new request items that are not already on the site please use the help desk or contact form.

In the case that transport services are suspended from Japan to your region RHDJapan will offer an immediate and full refund on your processing order. RHDJapan will also offer to postpone the shipment of orders and store within our warehouse.

With global supply chains being affected there is the case that there is an extended delay from the original expected date information updated to the customers account. In these circumstances we will update the customer immediately with the new information and offer the option for immediate and full refund on the affected items. 

The most affected shipping service thus far is from Japan Post as they work in conjunction with the different country postal systems. Private shipping companies such as DHL and FEDEX have been less affected. The most up to date information regarding suspensions, delays and disruptions can is up to date on the official Japan Post Site

Update March 26 EMS Link

Update March 30
Effective immediately FEDEX will not be available via the International Economy Service. This service will be removed from the website until further notice.
Processing orders with this service may be substituted to another service with comparable shipping timeframe in order to get delivery as quick as possible. In the case that the discrepancy on shipping is too large for RHDJapan to cover we will inform the customer with possible options.

Update April 1
Effective April 2 Japan Post EMS/SAL services will be temporarily suspended for select countries.
EMS Update (currently only released in Japanese)
Notification on affected countries will be provided when selecting shipping service on the site.
Processing orders with this service may be substituted to another service with comparable shipping timeframe in order to get delivery as quick as possible. In the case that the discrepancy on shipping is too large for RHDJapan to cover we will inform the customer with possible options.

We hope for everyone's health and safety, please use your own good judgement and look out for others when possible.
RHDJapan is still in full operation, if there are any issues/concerns please feel free to contact us via the Help Desk, Contact Us or phone call +81-72-844-9220 (Monday ~ Friday 9:00~5:00 JST)


Upcoming Release: Momo Prototipo Black Edition

Greetings from Osaka! Thursday the 29th will be the first day of the Golden Day Holidays the office and warehouse will be closed in observance of this National Holiday, (Showa-no-Hi).

Upcoming release for exciting new addition to the Prototipo Sports Steering Wheel Lineup from Momo. The Black Edition wheel is sure to be a popular lineup and official release is July 21.

Pre-Order will be available through RHDJapan site.


New Release: SEEKER X Bride Collaboration Full Bucket Seat

Greetings from the RHDJapan Team. With the recent release of new Low Max Full Bucket Seat series Zeta IV from BRIDE another collaboration with Seeker has been arranged. Original coloring, stitching and logo marking have all been customized for this special edition. A great option for the serious Honda enthusiasts extra hold for circuit application and completely original Seeker cockpit.


Weekend Specials Okuibuki Drift Edition ~April 26 08:30JST

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan blog. Starting today and over the next 3 days the 2021 Season of #D1GP and #D1Lights will kick off at Okuibuki MotorPark. 

Despite the venues being closed to spectators we are lucky to have available live streaming coverage. Get all the #D1GPMovieChannel live streaming information on their official site

Live Stream will begin at 14:00JST for those who have joined official D1GP Movie Channel as Member
Live Stream will begin at 06:55JST for those who have joined official D1GP Movie Channel as Member
Live Stream will begin at 07:55JST for those who have joined official D1GP Movie Channel as Member

Many of event and team sponsors devoted to supporting the competition will be included within this batch of weekend specials!

ATS & Across 

BN Sports


Car Make T&E (Vertex)

Car Modify Wonder










GP Sports



Ignition Products

Kazama Auto

Koyo Radiator


MCR Factory



ORC (Ogura Clutch)

Origin Labo

OS Giken

Power Craft

Pro Composite


Project Mu

R31 House




RS Watanabe


Super Made

Swift-Tohatsu Springs



T.R.A. Kyoto




Work Wheels Japan

Works Bell


Pre-Price Increase Campaign: TRUST / GReddy Oil Cooler Kits ~April 30 08:30JST

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan Blog. We have received notification that there will be a slight increase in price of Engine Oil Cooler Kits, Transmission Oil Cooler Kits and Oil Element Relocation Kits from TRUST / GReddy effective May 1, 2021.
Price increase is reported to be between 5~12%. Being the all around most popular products per categories we would like to provide a heads up.
In addition the RHDJapan team would like to extend an extra discount of 5% on affected items for orders confirmed before the change.


Design Change: SARD Racing Oil Filter MAG

Greetings from Osaka. Effective immediately there will be a change in design for the labeling of SARD Racing Oil Filter MAG.

Aesthetic change before and after

New Release: D-Max Race Doors for Silvia S15

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan Blog. D-Max has just released ultra-lightweight doors for the Silvia S15. Available in both FRP and Wet Carbon Fiber. Standard doors weight 17.1kg a piece, these weight in at only 3.4kg for Carbon Fiber and 3.7kg in FRP while being compatible with all standard door parts. Can also be trimmed down removing compatibility with glass regulator and interior trim for an extra reduction of 600g per side.
Available at quality comparable to other FRP / Wet Carbon Fiber doors available while at a significantly lower price.

Standard form compatible with all trim and full functionality
Inner Frame removed for Race Spec 2.8kg Carbon Fiber, 3.1kg FRP

Weekend Specials ~April 19 08:30JST

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan blog. With the Golden Week Holiday a couple weeks ago standard leadtime information for made to order type items will be affected. Any items with 'check stock' request placed through account will maintain accuracy. Please check post for details.

The following select companies will be included in this batch of Weekend Specials for an additional 6% discount until business resumes from Monday morning 8:30am JST.

78 Works



ARC Brazing


ATS & Across


Carbon Junkie

Car Shop Glow


Dog Fight Pro






Fujita Engineering FEED

Garage Active

Garage G-Force

Garage Mak

Garage Yoshida


Ikeya Formula


Kazama Auto

Leg Motorsport

Midori Seibi Center


Okuyama / Carbing

OS Giken

Pan Speed

Pit Road M

Project Mu


Ready Go Next





Scoot Sports


Super Now

Swift-Tohatsu Springs



TODA Racing




Work Wheels


Golden Week 2021 Schedule

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan blog. This post is to provide a heads up regarding the Golden Week Holidays celebrated in Japan and how they will affect the processing and shipping of orders.

The official National Holidays in which we cannot ship will be April 29, May 4, 5 and 6. Some companies may be closed from the 29th to the 6th which may push back processing a couple days.

Effective from orders placed after April 17 standard processing time frame of 3~10 working days will change to 3~22 working days.  In other words, orders placed from the 17th will not be put on hold to inform of expected date if we expect the items to be shipped to our warehouse by the 17th of May. For items stated as made to order on the site will be processed as normal with the stated time frame +10 working days until Golden Week finishes. Please understand that there will be a slight delay on orders at this time. For any items that are backordered beyond this time frame customers will be informed via a ticket with exact date information prior to processing the order. OEM Requests cannot be processed between from 04/27 until after 05/06


New Release: Spoon Sports Blue Wide Rear View Mirror – 10th Generation Civic

10th Generation Civic FC1 FK7 FK8 added to the popular lineup of Blue Wide Rear View Mirror from Spoon Sports!


Nagisa Auto Old Car Ball Joint Project

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan blog. We would like to bring attention to the Nagisa Auto aka NAMS project in support of popular Toyota and Nissan neo classics with such products as Ball Joints, Inner and Outer Tie Rods along with Pitman and Idler Arms.
In support of the old school all products have been added to the RHDJapan site

Nagisa Auto is also open to further developing the lineup. Please feel free to contact the RHDJapan team for consultation.