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Varis Summer Campaign ~Sept 30

Thank you for visiting the RHDJapan blog. We are extremely proud to announce another great campaign on the ultimate company in aeroparts performance, Varis!

Get an additional 7% discount on the whole lineup for the whole summer!

For items not already listed on RHDJapan please make a request through the contact form.


ORC Clutch Kit Campaign ~Sept 30

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan blog. ORC Clutch Kits will have an additional discount of 6% until the end of September.

discount available until coupon code is no longer displayed in the listings.


Super Now Sticker Campaign ~Sept 30

Thank you for checking out the RHDJapan blog. In the Holiday Spirit and celebration for the full lineup of the Super Now Tie Rod Ends we will be including a nice FREEBIE! Get your choice of the original Super Now Sticker Set or the new version Ima Decals with the purchase of any Super Now Links, Arms or Rods

*Availability may change due to stock levels


HKS Bolt-On Turbocharger Campaign for ZN6 ZC6 ~Aug 31

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan blog. This blog is for another great campaign within the HKS Big Power Campaign for 2018. This campaign is solely for ZN6 / ZC6 owners looking for big power output with a turbocharger! The newly released GTIII RS Turbocharger centered Bolt-On Turbocharger Kits will automatically come with both the Boost Controller and Fuel Upgrade system!

This is equivalent to approximate 30% overall savings on the whole kit!


HKS Capacity Up Stroker Kit Campaign ~Aug 31

Thank you for checking out the RHDJapan blog and this special campaign listing. This campaign is made specifically for the flagship tuning engine  crowd and those looking to get serious with upgraded engine internals! Whether looking to support big power and for increased engine displacement or need and engine rebuild and want perfect balance and next level reliability this campaign provides tremendous opportunity to pick up your HKS Capacity Up/Stroker Kit.

Not only will you have everyday great sales pricing and the best shipping rates anywhere in the world from Japan, each kit marked with the sale banner and campaign details will come with your choice of Intake and Exhaust Camshafts for 100% FREE!
RHDJapan will also pickup the extra shipping costs, NO EXTRA SHIPPING too!

HKS Big Power Campaign ~Aug 31

Thank you for checking out the RHDJapan blog. This post is dedicated to all the many different campaigns within the HKS Big Power Campaign into one location.

HKS Stroker Kit/Capacity Up Kit Campaign 

HKS Turbo & EVC Boost Controller Campaign

HKS Muffler Exhaust System Campaign

HKS Suspension Campaign

HKS Supercharger Kit Campaign - for ZN6 ZC6

HKS Bolt-on Turbocharger Kit Campaign - for ZN6 ZC6

HKS Blow Off Valve Campaign

HKS Clutch Kit Campaign

HKS Ramen Noodle Campaign


Summer & Obon Holiday Schedule 2018

Hello from the RHDJapan and blog. It’s just about that time of year again, mid Summer when companies all throughout Japan close down in observance of Obon.

うちかぴ (uchikapi) money offerings for ancestors in the afterlife. 

The majority of manufacturers will be closed from the 10th to the 20th. Companies with a longer holiday include the OEM manufacturers and their Works companies. For orders that include OEM items could see up to a 2 week delay in processing effective immediately.

The RHDJapan team will be off in observance of this holiday from the 13th to the 15th. Please contact us in advance for urgent items that will need to be shipped prior to the 11th. For orders placed from now the order will process as normal if it can be shipped within 15 days of receipt.

We apologize for any delays on your urgent items and will be working to process and ship out orders with utmost urgency. Wishing all a safe and enjoyable Summer Season in the northern hemisphere and a Wonderful Winter season in the Southern hemisphere.



TRUST GReddy Meter Campaign ~Limited Qty!

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan Blog. This campaign is very limited in available qty and the coupon code will disappear once available sets have been sold out. This is a great offer for those interested in starting up or building up the TRUST GReddy Sirius Meter system.

Get an additional 18% discount for Turbo Meter and Boost Sensor! 

Get an additional 17% discount for Vision/Sirius Meter and Oil/Water Temp Sensor!


Weekend Specials ~July 17

Hello from summertime in Japan and the RHDJapan team. The rainy season has officially ended and we have now entered the summertime!

Summer is a great season for Japan as their are festivals on-going throughout the whole season. Starting off the Summertime will be a National Holiday on the 16th which will be Umi no Hi (Beach Day, Ocean Day). The RHDJapan team will also be observing this holiday and will resume work back to normal on the 17th.

Staying cool is the key to the hot and humid Japan summertime. We will be including some of the manufacturers that specialize in the cooling system for this special extended batch of Weekend Specials:

ARC Brazing




FEEL's Honda Twincam

Garage Defend


KOYO Radiator

Okuyama Carbing


YR Advance

Zero Sports

The following campaigns will all expire on July 17 8:30am Japan time:

 at least additional 6%~ discount on ALL parts from the following JDM Brands!

ATS & Across



FEEL's - Honda Twincam


KEY's Racing



Nagisa Auto








Works Bell


This week we have had a massive amount of very exciting campaigns added to the site. We have more upcoming so please stay tuned to the RHDJapan blog!

TRUST DCT Cooler Campaign

TRUST Intercooler Campaign

TRUST Suspension Campaign

TRUST Turbo Campaign

HKS Turbo Campaign

HKS Muffler Campaign

HKS Hipermax Coilover Campaign

Amazing super limited for R35 Turbine Kit!!


HKS Supercharger Kit Campaign – for ZN6 ZC6

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan blog. This blog is for another great campaign within the HKS Big Power Campaign for 2018. This campaign is solely for ZN6 / ZC6 owners looking to improve power via Supercharger! The newly released GT2 Supercharger Kit has undergone renewal for improvement while maintaining the same price!

With the purchase of this kit along with the required Fuel Upgrade Kit

you will receive a 100% discount on Fuel Upgrade Kit!

This is equivalent to an additional 17% overall discount on the whole kit!