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Weekend Specials ~Nov 24

Hello from the RHDJapan Blog.  Along with the ongoing TRUST and Mugen Calendar Campaigns we have also added the offer to select NISMO and STI items as well!

 What a way to finish a season! With the final round of the 2015 King of Europe Drift Series being held deep into Eastern Europe the RHDJapan Works AE86 performed at full potential by the Blue Elise Drift Team. After many years of building Pilot and Doctor Clemens-sensei finally has the perfect setup and fine settings dialed in.  Finishing up at the Solvakiaring the Blue Elise got at the top of the podium for The Polish Drift Series and The Street Legal Class of King of Europe. Finishing out the King of Europe ranked in at #2 and leaving Slovakia with 3 more trophies to put on the mantle, 2 Recaro Bucket Seats as prizes and 1 overwhelming feeling of a great year!

In celebration of this wonderful performance RHDJapan would like to extend a very gracious one time offer for the fans and supporters of the awesome drift series known as the King of Europe!

This campaign will offer a one time shot to get 5% off everything purchased in addition to an extra 500 Bonus Reward Points. (JPY2500 worth of JDM purchasing power )

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WEEKEND Specials:



Fujita Engineering FEED





Nagisa Auto




OS Giken






Works Bell

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