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Limited Offer: Cusco Calendar 2023 Campaign

Greetings once again from the RHDJapan entourage. The beginning of 2023 has been bubbling with much excitement surrounding the Tokyo Auto Salon. Including many exciting previews of what is to come we will be providing some great coverage over the next couple days.

In the meantime, we are activating more of our annual Calendar Giveaways! As no coupon code is required this offer can be used in conjunction with our ongoing
TokyoAutoSalon2023 (Coupon Code: TAS2023) campaign as an extra service!

Offer Valid until message within applicable products disappears
Add both calendars and qualified parts added to cart for automatic discount
Further discount applied when adding Coupon Code: TAS2023

Add the calendar to the shopping cart along with the purchase any of the Cusco Rollcages, Sway/Stabilizer Bars or Strut Bars and immediately receive the 100% discount on the calendar. Any such order should also qualify for Consolidation Quote. Please put this in to make sure we can keep shipping cost down for the best overall combination of services and pricing.


Tokyo Auto Salon 2023 Campaign ~Jan 23

Happy New Year from the RHDJapan entourage! After a very challenging year we warmly welcome in 2023 with many wishes of health, safety, happiness and prosperity for all.

The biggest National Holiday season for Japan is now behind us yet the most exciting time of the beginning of the year is the annual Tokyo Auto Salon! RHDJapan will be in attendance to bring some coverage and research out some more great select quality items direct from Japan.

Official coverage can be seen through the following:

Subscribe and get notification for Live Streaming and new videos via:
Auto Salon TV

RHDJapan will be extending a special campaign in honor of the brands and manufactures that work relentlessly to make the Tokyo Auto Salon the absolute best event dedicated to the JDM enthusiasts year in and year out!

In order to give sufficient time to new product request listing and Consolidation Quote requests this campaign will be extended until Jan 23 08:30 JST!
We are proud to provide an additional 5%~ on the whole RHDJapan catalog!!

Coupon Code: TAS2023


Happy New Year 2023 National Holiday Jan 9!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to 2023! This post is the official first welcoming and wishing for a Happy New Year for all!

2023, Year of the Rabbit

As the country opens back up from the extensive Japan Holidays the RHDJapan offices and warehouse will be processing and updating order statuses continuously. ETA information in orders will remain as noted in order account however we expect to have an extra day required for updating tracking information as we catch up with the backlogged orders accumulated. The extra 1 day processing time will be required for the remainder of January. Please feel free to use the Contact Form / Help Desk for any further issues.

Despite just getting back to the offices the 9th will be another National Holiday in observance of Coming-to-Age day (成人の日). As this is another National Holiday the warehouse will not be in operation.

Coming-to-Age day (成人の日).

The RHDJapan team has grown significantly over the last couple years and have many enhancements coming this year. Despite the many speed bumps and growing pains our full time devoted team is to continually improve for next level customer satisfaction.  In continual effort to bring the widest variety of select quality at the most competitive prices on top of an extra high level shopping interface. Wishing much health, blessings and prosperity for 2023!

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