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Weekend Specials ~Feb 13

Hello from the RHDJapan team and welcome to the blog. As promised last week we have had more great campaigns start up this week. Available for a wide variety of different parts in select categories we are making available a nice selection of quality calendars as a FREE service! The highly anticipated Sirius series meters from TRUST has been released and are available for a great introductory campaign! Discount on whole ORC lineup!

A couple of major campaigns have started up for select HKS products:

GT Superchargers Campaign


Strokerkit & Camshaft Campaign (EVO X, BRZ, 86)

This batch of Weekend Specials will include an additional 6% discount on the following brands:

326 Power (8% in the Rims Store)

Advan (8% in the Rims Store)


Car Shop Amis

Enkei (8% in the Rims Store)

Honda OEM (8% in the OEM Store)

Jaos (8% in the Rims Store)

Mazda OEM (8% in the OEM Store)

Mugen (8% in the Rims Store)

Nissan OEM (8% in the OEM Store)


RAYS (8% in the Rims Store)

RS Watanabe (8% in the Rims Store)

SSR (8% in the Rims Store)

Subaru OEM (8% in the OEM Store)

Super Now

TOM's (8% in the Rims Store)

TRD (8% in the Rims Store)


WEDS (8% in the Rims Store)

Work Wheels (8% in the Rims Store)

Other ongoing campaigns:

3 different campaigns on Exedy Clutches


NISMO LM GT4 Omori Factory Wheels

Thank you for checking out the RHDJapan Blog. We are proud to announce another great offer just in time for the season of magic! After waiting for several months the exclusive and elusive ultimate set of wheels has arrived! Stock is available in different specs (10.5 +15, 9.5 +12) for the best choice when deciding on fitment.

Along with all other wheels on the RIMS Store RHDJapan will be offering an 8% discount for a limited time!