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Golden Week Holiday & Showa Specials Campaign ~May 7

Japan has now entered the Golden Week Holiday. This Holiday season consists of a string of different National Holidays that extends for one week. The first of the holidays is Showa-no-hi (The Day of Showa). The Showa era came to an end in 1989 and is a significant period for JDM automotive and tuning industries. This is the era that started everything that relates to what we do in the industry today.

Any JDM automobile manufactured prior to 1990 would be considered to be a Showa period vehicle (any vehicle manufactured after this time frame would be considered in the Heisei Period). Although it has been over 20 years since the end of Showa RHDJapan is always proud to help provide quality parts for these great machines of the late 70's and 80's. These are the machines that started the tuning scene here is Japan and we still give them maximum respect.

In celebration of the great machines from the Showa period and Golden Week RHDJapan will be extending an additional 6% discount on some select manufacturers that have been around since the era and those that continue to pay special attention to vehicles from this era. This special round will be ongoing until May 7th!









Nagisa Auto

RS Watanabe

RS Chita


Run Free

S2 Supra Style







The RHDJapan staff will be taking a well deserved rest in observance of this National Holiday and shipments will not be made from April 30~May 4.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!!

This additional discount will also be further applied to all items on Clearance!!


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