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Big Nickle One Coin Discount ~Nov 22

Welcome to the RHDJapan blog. In this blog listing we will be continuing on with our new style of discount that will be running randomly during the weekdays. This will provide an upfront discount of JPY500 for anything purchased on select brands with further possible discount when higher qty is purchased from each of the brands!

The JPY500 Coin, The 'Big Nickel' of Japan. A valuable coin just enough to get a quality 'One Coin' bento box lunch or beer and a snack.

With the flat discount the discount is exceptionally larger as a percent for lower cost items. Discounts of up to 38% can be had on this offer!

Get up to 23% discount from  Colt Speed

Get up to 35% discount from  FEEL's Honda Twin Cam

Get up to 35% discount from  Moonface

Get up to 10% discount from  Nagisa Auto

Get up to 38% discount from  R-Magic

Get up to 33% discount from  RS Watanabe

Get up to 24% discount from URAS

Get up to 19% discount from Works Bell

Adding more than one item of per brand may also qualify for further discount!