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Weekend Specials ~Feb 13

Hello from the RHDJapan team and welcome to the blog. As promised last week we have had more great campaigns start up this week. Available for a wide variety of different parts in select categories we are making available a nice selection of quality calendars as a FREE service! The highly anticipated Sirius series meters from TRUST has been released and are available for a great introductory campaign! Discount on whole ORC lineup!

A couple of major campaigns have started up for select HKS products:

GT Superchargers Campaign


Strokerkit & Camshaft Campaign (EVO X, BRZ, 86)

This batch of Weekend Specials will include an additional 6% discount on the following brands:

326 Power (8% in the Rims Store)

Advan (8% in the Rims Store)


Car Shop Amis

Enkei (8% in the Rims Store)

Honda OEM (8% in the OEM Store)

Jaos (8% in the Rims Store)

Mazda OEM (8% in the OEM Store)

Mugen (8% in the Rims Store)

Nissan OEM (8% in the OEM Store)


RAYS (8% in the Rims Store)

RS Watanabe (8% in the Rims Store)

SSR (8% in the Rims Store)

Subaru OEM (8% in the OEM Store)

Super Now

TOM's (8% in the Rims Store)

TRD (8% in the Rims Store)


WEDS (8% in the Rims Store)

Work Wheels (8% in the Rims Store)

Other ongoing campaigns:

3 different campaigns on Exedy Clutches