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Weekend Specials & Holiday Schedule ~March 21

Greetings from the RHDJapan team and thank you for checking our blog. This upcoming Monday the 20th the RHDJapan team will be away from the office in observance of the Spring Equinox National Holiday.

After a long winter the longer days of SPRING are highly anticipated.

There are just about 2 weeks left on many of the major campaigns that we have been running. These include all of the great HKS Campaigns in addition to the recently added HKS Oil Filter Campaign. The SARD Fuel Pump Bump Campaign, Exedy Clutch Campaign.

All categories below will also have discounts for the rest of the month:

Coilover Kits

Clutch Kits

Fuel Pumps

Stroker Kit

Turbo Kits

Supercharger Kits

Air Intake Kits

In conjunction with the ending of the campaigns also comes the beginning of the new fiscal year. A time when companies are readjusting pricing which tends to only go up. Offering more incentive to get orders in prior to price increases we are running campaigns on the manufacturers parts that we have received advanced notice for. So far this includes select items NISMO and TOMEI.

This batch of Weekend Specials will include an additional 6% discount on the following brands:


Colt Speed


FEEL's  Honda Twincam

HKB Sports

M&M Honda

Nagisa Auto



Swift Tohatsu Springs






Tomei Fuel System Pre-Price Increase Campaign ~March 31


Welcome to the RHDJapan blog post. We have received notification that there will be a price increase on select items from Tomei  starting from the beginning of April. As many companies are reevaluating costs we tend to see any price adjustments being done around the beginning of the new Fiscal Year. As we receive information we will continue to update through the blog and provide a PRE-Price Increase Sale!


HKS Oil Filter Renewal Campaign ~March 30

Welcome to the RHDJapan blog and greetings from the RHDJapan team. This campaign is to introduce a renewal campaign on the whole lineup of HKS Oil Filters. With color change and internal improvements the best filter on the market just got even better, so did the pricing!

RHDJapan would like to announce an additional discount of 10%~ on the whole lineup of HKS oil filters. Discount rate will increase as the qty in the shopping cart increases.


Weekend Specials ~March 6

Greetings from the RHDJapan team and thank you for checking our blog. This week we have finalized all of the many different great campaigns from HKS. Please link to HKS Campaigns for all campaign information. Continuing on with the FREEBIES for Calendars and Posters we have added 5 more options!

ceremonial dolls for Hinamatsuri (ひな祭り) Girls Day

With the new Fiscal Year soon approaching there will be price hikes from different manufacturers. As we get the information we will create a pre-price increase campaign for as long as possible. NISMO price increase

This batch of Weekend Specials will include an additional 6% discount on the following brands:

FEEL's  Honda Twincam

M&M Honda

Nagisa Auto



With the many major discounts on all of the subcategories below we have included all other brands within the same category for a better deal until the end of March!

Discounts on all Coilover Kits

Up to 50% discount on Clutch Kits

Up to 10% on Fuel Pumps

Campaigns on all  Stroker Kit

Better pricing on all Turbo Kits

 Improved deals on all Supercharger Kits

Deals on all Air Intake Kits


Update Calendar & Poster FREEBIES!

Welcome to the RHDJapan blog. We have added 5 more great posters to the available lineup of FREEBIES!

offered on purchases on anything from select categories. Click categories below to see currently available lineup.

Roll Cages

Intercooler Kits


Full Body Kits


Lips, Spoilers & Wings


Side Steps

Trunks & Hatches

Fenders & Doors

Arm Bars & Sway Bars

Strut Tower Bars


Front Pipes & Outlet Pipes

Manifolds & Headers

Mufflers & Exhaust Systems


HKS Full Campaign List ~March 30

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan blog. We are proud to announce the completion of the campaigns for the Capacity UP kits. With the wide variety of major HKS campaigns we will use this blog post to recap all of the great campaigns ongoing with HKS.

FREE Replacement Filters with Super Power Flow Kits

FREE Replacement Filters with Racing Suction Kits

FREE EVC with Sports turbine Kit 

FREE Camshaft Set with Capacity Upgrade Kits

In addition to the many FREEBIE items there are major discounts on the following items as well:

JPY25,000 additional discount on GT Supercharger Kits

7% Discount on all Mufflers

JPY8000 additional discount on MAX IV SP Coilover Kits

JPY8000 additional discount on MAX IV GT Spec-A Coilover Kits



HKS Capacity Up Kit gets FREE Camshaft Set Campaign ~March 30

Welcome to the RHDJapan blog. Last but not least we have finally completed the listings for all engines applicable for the FREE CAMSHAFT set Campaign!




This campaign will allow for an additional discount of up to 32% extra off with the purchase total on select

Capacity Upgrade Stroker Kits and Camshaft Sets!




Lancer Evo X


Big Nickel One Coin Discount ~March 3

Welcome to the RHDJapan blog. In this blog listing we will be continuing on with our new style of discount that will be running randomly during the weekdays. This will provide an upfront discount of JPY500 for anything purchased on select brands with further possible discount when higher qty is purchased from each of the brands!

The JPY500 Coin, The 'Big Nickel' of Japan. A valuable coin just enough to get a quality 'One Coin' bento box lunch or beer and a snack.

With the flat discount the discount is exceptionally larger as a percent for lower cost items. Discounts of up to 54% can be had on this offer!

Get up to 35% discount from FEEL's Honda Twin Cam

Get up to 26% discount from  Okuyama

Get up to 35% discount from  Moonface

Get up to 30% discount from Super Now

Get up to 54% discount from  Top Secret

Get up to 24% discount from URAS

Adding more than one item of per brand may also qualify for further discount!