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HKS Stroker Kit Campaign ~March 30

Thank you for checking out the RHDJapan blog and this special campaign listing. This campaign is made specifically for the flagship tuning engine  crowd and those looking to get serious with upgraded engine internals! Whether looking to support big power and for increased engine displacement or need and engine rebuild and want perfect balance and next level reliability this campaign provides tremendous opportunity to pick up your HKS Capacity Up/Stroker Kit.

Not only will you have everyday great sales pricing and the best shipping rates anywhere in the world from Japan, each kit will come with your FREE choice of Intake and Exhaust Camshafts AND Cam Pulley Set for 100% FREE!
RHDJapan will also pickup the extra shipping costs, NO EXTRA SHIPPING too!
With the stroker kit,  Cams and Pulleys become an absolute requirements to get the most performance from the HKS Capacity UP Kit and your target engine tune. Many different camshaft profiles available to best match a variety of engine setups with fine tuning timing for your exact setup with HKS Camshaft Pulleys!  A Super Campaign!
RB26DETT Engine Stroker Kit - BNR32 BCNR33 BNR34:
 65014 Step Zero - 86.5 Full Kit
66871 Step Zero - 87.0 Full Kit
65013 Step 1 - 86.5 Full Kit
66885 Step 1 - 87.0 Full Kit
28425 Step 2 - 87 Full Kit
Cam Pulley (Automatically included: IN / EX SKU:66689, SKU:66688)
Intake Camshaft:(include SKU number in comments section at checkout)
SKU:9800 Step 1 SS-Cam 256
SKU:66605 Step 1 SS-Cam 264
SKU:66606 Step 1 SS-Cam 272
SKU:66613 Step 2 264
SKU:66614 Step 2 272
BNR32 BCNR33 Exhaust Side:
SKU:66607 Step 1 SS-Cam 256
SKU:66608 Step 1 SS-Cam 264
SKU:66672 Step 1 SS-Cam 272
SKU:66615 Step 2 264
SKU:66616 Step 2 272
BNR34 Exhaust Side:
SKU:66610 Step 1 SS-Cam 256
SKU:66611 Step 1 SS-Cam 264
SKU:66612 Step 1 SS-Cam 272
SKU:66617 Step 2 264
SKU:66618 Step 2 272
SR20DET Engine Stroker Kit - S13 S14 S15
2.2L Step 2 - Full Kit
Cam Pulley:
Automatically included SKU:66691, SKU:66690)
 Cams (include SKU number in comments section at checkout)
S13 Intake Side:
SKU:66638 Step 1 256
SKU:66640 Step 2 264
S14 S15 Intake Side:
SKU:9798 Step 1 256
SKU:60476 Step 2 264
SKU:64969 Step 3 264
S13 S14 S15 Exhaust Side:
SKU:66639 Step 1 256
SKU:66642 Step 2 264
SKU:66643 Step 2 272
SKU:105495 Step 3 272
4G63 Engine Stroker Kit - CT9A:
65015 Step 1 - Full Kit
 65016 Step 2 - Full Kit
Cam Pulley:
Automatically included SKU:9886 IN / EX X2pcs)
Confirm for Mivec or NON=Mivec  in comments section at checkout)
Non-Mivec 66665 Step 2 274
Mivec 66664 Step 2 272
ExhaustSKU:66666 Step 2 278
 2JZ-GTE Stroker Kit - JZA80 JZS147 JZS160:
  3.4L - Full Kit
Cam Pulley Set:
  (Automatically included IN / EX X 2pcs)
Exhaust Side: (include SKU number in comments section at checkout)
SKU:9791 264
SKU:66653 272
SKU:66654 280
Intake (Non-VVT-i)
SKU:64968 264
SKU:66659 272
SKU:66660 280
Intake (VVT-i)
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